Backdrop on Why the Dual Seedline Focus on the Evils of the Khazar Jews

It looks like the Ashkenazi Khazar Jew led Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its sister coconspirator of hate against America, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), would get it right and at least tell the truth on why there is today an increasing focus by many persons of the Christian right wing on the depravity of the Khazar Jews and the great hurt that they are putting on the US particularly as well as the rest of the world. This depravity is often revealed and made manifest in the dual-seedline beliefs of the Christian Identity motion.

It’s too bad but most persons seeking the origins of the current focus of the dual-seedline belief address only the work of Bert Comparet, Wesley Swift and San Capt in Southern California in the 1930s-1940s. Most omit the recognition due Clem Davies and instead cite William Gale (who came along in the mid 1950s) and Sheldon Emry (who surfaced in the late 1960s with his teachings of single seedline and no Satan). But the mentor of all of these people seems to have been Reuben H. Sawyer, a Disciples of Christ preacher who was a founder of the British Israel World Federation in 1919 and a leading member of the Oregon Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s.

Sawyer appears to be the first person to tie the teachings of British Israel identity to the racialist message of the Klan. From 1920 and on for the next 17 or so years he devoted his life to spreading this combined message over the Western US and Canada. Literally, he held meetings where thousands of people gathered to hear his dynamic and inspired preaching. Today’s KKK and Dual Seedline Christian Identity people both share many of the same beliefs on race and the Jews because of the work of Sawyer.

But while the Klan (as reorganized and reconstituted in 1915) and the British Israel World Federation (of 1919) were both important in shaping Sawyer’s work, there was still an earlier event which touched off most if not all of the focus on the evil and depravity of the Khazar-Yiddish Jews from out of Central Asia who today completely dominate and rule supreme over the Western Christian civilization of North America and Europe. Both the ADL and SPLC are well aware of this event from history; but they have worked jointly to hide it and cover it up with lies and distortions in their controlled media powers.

This event is really a very tragic and sad story about the Khazar Jew murder of Mary Phagan, a little 13-year old girl in Atlanta, Georgia in 1913. The Khazars have spent a barrel of money and worked overtime to hide this event from both history and the minds of modern people through their media and Hollywood powers. But the story has survived despite the big money that the Khazars have spent to distort, alter and hide it. Here is a link the reader can use to access the details of this tragic murder of a small girl:

This link should work alright at least on Google; though some the other browsers won’t bring it up. If you don’t find it, you can use this link to its web site source at and go down near the bottom of the left menu column and chick open the article on Understanding Money and War—XVII. You will be amazed at the power of Khazar Jews to cover up and hide one of their most gross, pathetic and evil acts in history. All dual seedline believers should be aware of this Khazar crime against a little girl which has proved to be one of the catalysts for the modern focus of the KKK and Christian Identity people on the depravity of the Khazar Jews.