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Thread: Eli James (Joe November) &

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    Re: Pastor Eli James &


    Christian Israel: My apologies for the short notice of this announcement; but I have been so busy defending myself against scurrilous attacks and rebuilding my website that I had totally forgotten about our annual marathon. After discussing this with Greg, I was trying to think of a theme. Then a friend called and asked "Why is Yahshua taking so long to smite the Edomites?' And we prayed that Yahshua judge our enemies right now. Delay no longer. It reminded me of Ezek. 36:37: "I shall yet be inquired of by the House of Israel, to do it for them." Yahweh is waiting for us to ask Him to do it for us. The Father is waiting for His children to ask. "Ask and ye shall receive." It's about for us to ask for His intervention on our behalf, to put an end to misery that the Jews are causing our People, Israel.

    This webpage has a very good collection of related verses:

    The Marathon will be this Wednesday, from noon 12/12/12 to Midnight.

    Here is the schedule:

    2-4 pm:
    4-6 pm:
    6-8 pm
    8-10 pm
    10-12 pm

    Thanks to Pastor Visser, Obie, and Dan from GA for participting.

    We pray that the Edomites be judged swiftly. However, the Apostle Peter said that judgment must begin with the House of Israel. Are you ready? I say, Yahweh, Let the Edomites be judged!!!

    Yahweh bless,

    Pastor Eli James

    SPLC tries desperately to link Alaska killer to Christian identity
    Suggested CPM Sermon: Kingdom Parables (August 18th, 2021)

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    CPM's Gospel of LUKE

    Pastor Eli James on Truth Radio Militia

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    Re: Pastor Eli James on Truth Radio Militia


    For two years I've heard about Pastor Eli "date setting" from the main slanderer out there. To date, I've only heard Eli mention the Mayan calendar was "something to watch" and "a wise man considers all sources." I have yet to read or hear ONE single mention of Eli "attempting to predict the end of the world" or setting a date like the impostor continually claims.

    I have no option but to think these are targeted attacks from the enemy as I've never seen Eli James do anything but defend himself.

    Please, somebody post proof of these alleged claims by Eli (audio clip preferable) or I'm removing myself from that den of liars (that has over six threads dedicated to attacking pastor James) -- I'm frankly sick of receiving this "no satan" messenger horsecrap in my e-mail.

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    Re: Pastor Eli James &

    Quote Originally Posted by Idaho View Post
    In the usual sense, I am not much on entering conflicts between different parties, as may be the case here on Emaheiser’s comments on James. But because James has turned out to be a major leader in the DSCI motion (he calls himself Pastor James to DSCI people and readers in this forum), I am compelled to address this thread because when leaders err/are bad, they influence and lead their followers down the primrose lane of disaster/destruction.

    It’s sort of like the morality situation with Bill Slick Clinton. The US was already at the sewer level in morality even before he became president. But the open sodomy in the US Whitehouse under Slick threw the nation much deeper into depravity and evil if that was possible. Anyway, after his continuous lies and sodomite encounters with the Khazar Jewess Monica, he brought the morality of the American people down further; yes, he helped bring America’s supposedly Christian people, deep into the gutter.

    All of a sudden, we had an explosion of little girls in grade school going down on little boys to give them an oral sex job all the while the little girls could still claim to be virgins. After all, this was not sex, per Slick.

    Leaders must set an example for followers. If they are evil and sorry they will take their followers down with them. Not only can they and do they lead the people into the sewer, but they introduce bad measures which in time will also lead the people into the sewer.

    Take the case of Colonel William Potter Gale. I will not deny that Gale was a passionate enemy of the Jews publicly. He seemingly had no love for Jews of any kind—Sephardim, Ashkenazim, religious or what. But what few realize is that Gale himself was an Ashkenazi, Khazar, racial Jew—a stealth Jew.

    The year 1956 was evidently a catalyst year for the Christian Identity people in Southern California when Gale became influential and a leader of sorts in the movement. Gale knew little about the Scriptures (as it was Comparet and Swift who were the so called theologians who were doing the research needed in dual seedline theology); but Gale manifestly was much concerned with politics and militancy. He provided leadership in the direction of moving the motion to be more militant and militant in terms of politics.

    This work by Gale hurt the developing Christian Identity motion in Southern California because instead of focusing on the Scriptures and morality, the movement moved to becoming a political motion to change US politics and being more militant in organizing para-military forces to start a revolution or make political changes to the nation (which was sure to bring on a response of hate and opposition from the Khazar Jew rulers of the nation).

    None of this from Gale was needed by certainly the New Testament outline and standard (and would in time bring on absolute sorrow, trouble and death to people involved with Richard Butler’s later work where the feds constantly had believers under indictment, standing trial, going to prison and even murdering some of them as with the Randy Weaver family and others).

    From 1956 on, America and CI both needed believers and supporters who were alive and not under indictment or in prison and who could do more constructive things to stop the Khazars (like spending their money, time and effort to educate and inform others on the evils of the Khazar Jews; instead of creating a para-military operation which would lead the Khazars to imprison and murder believers). A man alive and working with some income could use his time and money to educate and inform as a minimum, his own family and maybe thousands of others about the work of the Khazars to bring on world government and the end of us all. Dead or in prison, such a man is worthless.

    And why did the Jew hater Gale introduce and promote a major and different direction to the CI motion? Well, Gale’s father was originally an Amalekite Jew named Charles Grabfiker who changed his name to Gale (this backdrop is covered extensively on the Internet and at If Gale’s mother was a goy, then he would have been half Khazar. For sure, he had enough bad genes to move the DSCI movement in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

    The point of the above is that Satan does not come to us in black, with a red tail, carrying a pitchfork and breathing fire and brimstone. No, he comes to us as an angel of light—looking good; and in America, often looking like a good, honest, loving Christian, though his works are evil and bad by the Scriptures.

    In the way of introductory remarks on the situation with James, let me say that the following is not about Lindstedt, Finck, Visser, Emahiser, Gulett, Herrel, Swift, Butler, Wickstorm, me or you. And it certainly is not about James’ personal beliefs and even what he has told or is telling his own congregation of followers or even what he has on his own web site. For me personally, all of this is his own business and that of his congregation. I know none of these people personally and care less what they believe.

    But this seems to be over questions or material that has now surfaced on this thread, primarily from Clifton Emahiser and possibly Wickstorm (but which is someway being blamed on Lindstedt) in the context that James is a so-called “pastor” and leader in the DSCI motion and is a secret stealth racial Jew teaching bad doctrines to the movement. If this was just a conflict between Lindstedt, Emahiser and/or Wickstorm with James, I would stay out of it. But in this thread, it is a bigger issue and one which will affect the entire future of the DSCI motion. Therefore, it needs to be addressed and settled for the benefit of the overall movement and its future.

    The frequent references in this forum, and the CI forum, to Lindstedt and James have made me address the Lindstedt forum and see what he has actually said. While I am not a supporter (or opponent) of Lindstedt and his beliefs (as I am in a very different world, believe me), his arguments are laid out in a reasonable and coherent fashion on James. He may be a raging maniac and nut case, as many charge him to be, but his case against James is not the work of a mad man.

    As I can piece together his opposition to James, Lindstedt says that James is a Jew who has had several name changes. He says that he was formally Joseph November and before that a Jew named Kutz. The November allegation came from a talk show or forum from another party which Lindstedt cites (from possibly Finck or someone else and involving alleged statements actually made by James admitting that he used the alias November). Emahiser repeats the November thing but does not clarify its source.

    Lindstedt then adds the Kutz thing (I am not sure where this comes from, but evidently Lindstedt has a source for it and may have cited it and missed by me). Lindstedt then someway concludes that James is a Sephardic Jew (I take it that James is supposedly a racial Jew and not one by religion since James claims to be a Christian of the CI faith). Well, if his name was/is Kutz, that name to me appears to be a very Khazar Jew name and not Sephardic at all. That would be the only difference I would have with Lindstedt, assuming his otherwise facts are correct.

    Lindstedt shows pictures of James and he definitely looks like a short Khazar Jew—racially. But Lindstedt’s big argument against him is that he brought a Puerto Rican mamzer-mongrel, and one which Lindstedt alleges to be a faggot queer, into the congregation of Israel and tried to palm the mamzer queer off as a fellow Israelite. Well, Lindstedt followed up with a picture of this Puerto Rican in a meeting conducted by James where the Puerto Rican was shown addressing James’ congregation. The picture did offer some very possible proof supporting Lindstedt’s charge that the Puerto Rican was a mamzer and a queer.

    Now I don’t care about the Puerto Rican, whether he is a fag or a mamzer one way or the other. But I have no doubt that all or almost all Puerto Ricans are indeed very racially mixed mongrels of the most gross kind and have no business being present in a congregation of Israel and/or of being sold to the DSCI as fellow Israelites. I cannot fathom how the DSCI collective people or even James’ own congregation could support James in this act of deception and evil. Such an act to me suggests the work of a racial Khazar Jew. Trees are known by their fruit. And this fruit isn’t good.

    In defense of James, I must say that if he wants to teach that the Coloreds are someway his brothers and his congregation wants to accept it, it is their business and not mine. I could care less what he believes and teaches his people. Otherwise, I note that pictures seemed to show him with a beard. Well, good, this is a commandment in the Torah which at least Orthodox Jews understand while Christians know nothing about it. For my part, this is good that he has hair on his face.

    And he seems to be moving his people away from Gee-Zeus to the Sacred Name version of Yahshua (while Yahshua is not Scripturally correct, it is a step up from the Christian approach). As I am very pro Judaism (and pro true Oriental Jews) in my beliefs, I cannot fault James for teaching some Judaism to his people. And if he teaches the Sabbath and festivals of Lev 23, then good, I agree with him. But I must take exception to the mixing of mamzers and an alleged queer at that with the congregation of Israel.

    Incidentally, Lindstedt has quoted James on his real name that, per James, it is up to Lindstedt to prove who James is or is not. Well, this is like the situation with Obama. All along he has said that it is not his task to prove his citizenship. It is up to his opponents to prove he is not a citizen born in the US. This approach says that Obama doesn’t have to prove anything; instead, it is up to us who MUST PROVE HIM WRONG. And this is the James approach. He is not interested in proving who he is; or of proving anything. Instead he is demanding that Lindstedt (and others) prove who he is/is not.

    Well, here, I must take side with Lindstedt. It is up to Obama to prove his citizenship to the satisfaction of Americans. It is likewise up to James to prove who he is/is not to the DSCI people he is assuming leadership over with his assumption of the title PASTOR. If he was a nobody, like most of us, then he need not prove who he is. But he claims to be a Christian Pastor over the congregation of Israel. In that vein, he needs to prove who he is/is not since that question has now come up.

    Yes, he could easily and publicly furnish his legal birth certificate and a picture ID showing that he is a man named James and not a Khazar Jew named Kutz. And I am not talking about a fake birth certificate as Obama has now produced.

    Let me conclude by saying that I do not approve of people changing their names. When I registered for this forum, I had some reservations about using a so called user name rather than my real one. But since this was the forum practice I went along with it.

    There may be a suspicion that the federal and ADL spies might not be able to follow us with a fake user name instead of our real one and therefore it would make sense to use a fake user name. But I know that both the feds and the ADL have a complete profile on all of us and everything we have done on the Internet (they get this data from our electronic transmissions and from Google and other search engines which supplies data to them).

    So when I use Idaho, I am not fooling them. But to set the record straight, and since I am making a case for true names, I am a male named RD Bradshaw and have been that way all my life. My parents were racial English, Welsh and Irish and my ancestor religion on both sides was essentially Baptist. I myself once long ago was a member of the Armstrong church so I have a long heritage with British Israelism. Thus, I am a racial Israelite of the lost tribes, but very Jewish in religion. My email address is and my web sites are and

    "Very jewish in religion?" and you are calling Bill Gale a jew? I talked with Roxanne (his wife) about this smear years ago. Someone has went to great lengths to twist some rumors into this nonsense. Did you know Gale personally, or are you repeating rumors and smears? I knew Gale personally and he was a true warrior for YHWH. He founded the Ministry of Christ Church and put out weekly taped sermons for years. The tape list has over 600 sermons on it. Gale wrote a few booklets, published a newsletter and traveled the States teaching the Identity message. He challenged these rotten courts, politicians, clergy, and others of that ilk continuously. His church grounds were open for seminars of which there were many. Teachers of various subjects were brought in to educate the attendees. These seminars were very informative and much appreciated by all.
    In the end I spent time in jail with him and went through the Committee of the States trial, which was a religious witch hunt orchestrated by the jew controlled judicial department. It was a circus show of liars grovelling for their piece of mea culpa from the government minions. Gale never wavered and was true to YHWH till the end. I just recently tuned in to the Internet and started perusing Identity sites. There is more name calling, back biting, and pure filth in language than one can stand. This isn't Identity, it's jew inspired satanism. We are commanded to teach the Gospel of the Kindom but some only want to be the Captain and haven't even learned the rules. They want to tear others down to make themselves look goodand insert Scriptural error in the teachings. Hardly a Christian attitude.
    I would like to know how you knew Bill Gale. Did you ever associate with him? Did you ever attend his services? Lay it out for all to see instead of repeating unfounded rumors. Prove what you say! To those wanting to learn more about Bill Gale, pick up a copy of Cherie Seymour's book, the Committee of the States. Ask people like Jim Wickstrom. Do some homework and then make up your minds. Gale knew more about Scriptures than most people pretending to be Pastors in their version of Identity. Israelite law states that out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses a man shall prove a matter. That is if his words pass cross examination. The truth is written and witnessed. You sir have written a charge, now the test begins.

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    Re: Pastor Eli James &

    It's been said that "Idaho" is R.D. Bradshaw, another Marty/Amy sockpuppet.

    He came here spreading a whole lot of nonsense and freaked out when Obie called him on it.

    Bill Gale is most certainly NOT jew - what say you "Idaho?"

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Pastor Eli James &

    I've challenged Marty several times to get RD to appear on the Turd, but Marty claims RD is 78 and thus too old to speak into a microphone. Not too old to run a website and post wordy articles, however.

    I wonder how old Amy Rose is. My guess is 55.

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    Re: Pastor Eli James on Truth Radio Militia

    The Realist Report with John Friend - Jan 29,2013

    On this edition of the Realist Report, Pastor Eli James of Anglo-Saxon Israel and Charlie Giuliani of Truth Hertz Radio will join us for a debate about Christianity. I have interviewed Pastor James and Giuliani in the past, and think they both make valid points about Christianity that are worth discussing. Is Christianity a Jewish creation meant to psychologically enslave the gullible goyim? Or, has mainstream organized Christianity been hijacked and subverted by organized Jewry? Is Christianity an asset or liability in our struggle against organized Jewish interests and their agenda to corrupt and dominate the globe? These and other issues relating to Christianity, its history, basic tenets, and spiritual texts will be addressed. Join us for what will surely be an interesting and lively discussion!

    URL :
    Size : 27.5 MBs
    Duration : 2:01:00

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    Re: Pastor Eli James on Truth Radio Militia

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    The Realist Report with John Friend - Jan 29,2013

    On this edition of the Realist Report, Pastor Eli James of Anglo-Saxon Israel and Charlie Giuliani of Truth Hertz Radio will join us for a debate about Christianity. I have interviewed Pastor James and Giuliani in the past, and think they both make valid points about Christianity that are worth discussing. Is Christianity a Jewish creation meant to psychologically enslave the gullible goyim? Or, has mainstream organized Christianity been hijacked and subverted by organized Jewry? Is Christianity an asset or liability in our struggle against organized Jewish interests and their agenda to corrupt and dominate the globe? These and other issues relating to Christianity, its history, basic tenets, and spiritual texts will be addressed. Join us for what will surely be an interesting and lively discussion!

    URL :
    Size : 27.5 MBs
    Duration : 2:01:00

    Obie and myself discussed this in detail last Wednesday @

    An interesting and telling "debate" overall.

    Under the Blood,
    Pastor Visser @
    Covenant People's Ministry & Forums
    Box 256, Brooks, GA 30205

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    Re: Pastor Eli James &

    Vietnam! (with Eli James) [2013] is a personal interview with Pastor Eli James of where he explains numerous spiritual experiences he underwent during his tour in the Vietnam war. By sharing these wartime stories he also makes no apologizes in pointing out who exactly profited from all the needless bloodshed. This is a thorough history of Vietnam that they won't teach you in textbooks.

    coven129 | 2013

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