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Thread: MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

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    MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

    Is is the Roman Catholic Church? World ruling systems? The UN?
    What do you think MYSTERY, BABYLON is?

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    Re: MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

    I vote for "ALL OF THE ABOVE"
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

    Babylon is a state of confusion.

    A spiritual rebuilding of Babel on all levels.

    I would say we're in the early stages of "Mystery Babylon."

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    Re: MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

    I'm going to have to go with ''World ruling systems''
    A good book to read on this is What is Mystery Babylon? by Sheldon Emry.
    With the UN,Roman Catholic Church and Communism been a part of Mystery Babylon

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

    Mystery = anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown

    Babylon = magnificent ancient city known for its immorality and excess and where the Talmud is said to have originated

    Mystery + Babylon = secretly talmudic world system which like Babylon is outwardly magnificent but inwardly corrupt and sinful and destined for destruction
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    I've attached an excellent treatise by Dr. Swift called "Mystery Babylon" below.

    MYSTERY BABYLON is in America, MYSTERY BABYLON is in Europe, MYSTERY BABYLON is in Asia, it's in Africa, but it doesn't belong to you in your Civilization!
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    Re: MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

    Read it on the forum..

    Mystery Babylon

    By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift

    We are turning tonight to discuss a subject that well old and continued as a great important factor because it's in the Book of Revelations and it is a part of the things which Christ, Himself personally unveiled to John.

    Probably few subjects has been as garbled and few subjects have men been frightened to discuss than the identity of Mystery Babylon and when we talk about Mystery Babylon the Great, there are some who seek to propose that this is a part of the Christian Church or a denomination that claims to be Christian, but this is not so. For the true Identity of Mystery Babylon is diametrically opposed to everything that is opposed to Christ and to Christianity. It is a substance of religious forces, which is arrayed against Christianity and which designs to rule the world and dominates almost every pagan and evil religion upon the face of the earth.

    Here in these United States, a great Nation of God's Kingdom which has been inspired from its beginning with Christian vision and whose descending forefathers as yours have been within this Nation, have been those men of vision and faith that not only had anticipated the great religious liberty of developing the tenants of their Christian faith without persecution in this New Nation recognized even early that the powers of darkness which were arrayed against them were non-Christian and were not a matter of the discussion of divisions between sects, but a design to preserve their society against forces that were intended to destroy it.

    We look into the background of record and discover that there is nothing new about the forces of Christianity having resistance directed against them, nor is there anything un-Christian about you as an individual fighting the forces of darkness, being opposed to the powers of evil. We today in these United States have a unprecedented fifth column which has invaded our Nation, which is absolutely unassimilatable and is non-Christian and we challenge is behind almost all the subversive and degenerative forces that move in our society today. There are those who question the right of the Christian Church to discuss this, but we tell you it's not only its right, but it's its bound duty to declare and to discuss and denounce those forces of evil. If those forces of evil in our society do not like the discussion, do not like what goes on in Christian Churches, it shouldn't disturb them too much because they don't go to Christian Churches except as they come to spy. Now, we don't go and invade their areas. I have never found any of my associates invading a Synagogue and we don't move in on their Moslem X Temples and we don't go into their centers of Idolatry in one end of the Nation or the other and fortunately the great majority of people that constitute our society are Christian, they may be Methodist or Baptist or Presbyterian or Catholic or any number of the Churches, they may have more or less light, but I want you to know that it is not Christianity which is basically fighting one another, it is the POWER OF DARKNESS that is seeking to destroy you and gain a complete control over your way of life.

    Now, there is no reason for me to hold any brief to protect any branch of society that is diametrically opposed to the structure of God's Kingdom as they were opposed to Christ in the midst of His Own Ministry. Let me pause for one moment to point out to you that in the course of Christ's Ministry, Christ showed no favor whatsoever in discussing these powers of darkness. He virtually identified them, as in each one of the Gospels we find the powers of darkness identified, and Jesus identifying these people said, you, very very clearly, are a progeny of evil and are of your Father the Devil. Now, there are some people who say we shouldn't talk that way about anybody, but if Jesus talked that way about anybody, I think we had better repeat it. Now, He not only cited this concerning the fact they were of their Father, the Devil, but He also knew the symbols by which they identified themselves, He knew this with the omniscience that belonged to Him and He knew that they were identified with Empires and symbols also which they carried from generation to generation. They were identified with the Luciferian House which in its fall from its service before the Most High God to one of rebellion when Lucifer became Satan or the Devil throughout the universe by His battle against righteousness. His unassimilatable offspring has evilly sowed seed in the earth and fallen Angelic Host with Him that up-set the early world and cast it into catastrophe and strife in which we have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years of strife and history. Long before, antedating the White Race and the coming of the Adamic Seed and all it relates to its history which is the content of a large portion of the Scripture, but we point out to you that Jesus identified these who were His enemies and He identified them for their part. He said they had been the killers of the Prophets and that they had been the killers of the righteous and He cited that they were responsible for the death of all these people who were righteous. He named the start of their attempt to destroy the peoples of your race and He said that they were the descendants of Cain and were responsible for the blood of Abel and every righteous man from Abel to Zacharias who was killed between the horns of the Altar. He, therefore, identified them as Canaanites which were an unassimilatable and evil seed that attempted to absorb your race from its beginning. He identified them quite clearly and said you are the Serpents, you are the generation of the Vipers and this is their identification. He said, when I sent Prophets and Wise Men and Scribes, some you kill, some you crucify and some of them you scourge in your Synagogues. I think this helps to make the identification. Now, Jesus said, they you scourge in your Synagogues, you persecute them from City to City and I have brought upon you all the righteous blood that you have slain upon the earth.

    Now, in this declaration concerning this, Jesus was continually pointing out to the people the great conspiracy of evil that even moved into even this province of the Roman Empire in Palestine, had gained Ecclesiastical control and was seeking to dominate the land and setting up a warfare against the true Israel of God and carry it out under the secret orders of the machinations of their evil serpent cult which extended all over the world and which reached out to try to swallow up every vestige of God's Kingdom. If you want a little idea about how the Masters in Palestine of that cult thought about Jesus, then let me read to you these words in the 26th Chapter of Matthew and it says, therefore, "they assembled together these Chief Priests and these Scribes, these Elders of this force and they gathered together in the Palace of Caiaiphas and they consulted how they might take Jesus by subtilty and kill Him". In other words, this evil force and plot in Jesus' time were plotting on His death, plotting how they might capture Him, how they might take Him by cunning and subtlety, how they might kill Him.

    Now, this has been their task and design. In fact, they had so dominated by their chicanery the control of the Temple and by the false patterns of their evil elections and by their pronouncing themselves to be associated with the Faith in which they had nothing in common, that Christ identified this in that day and identified their ancient background in relationship to the patterns of evil of which they are a part. If you were to turn over to the Book of Revelations, you'll find here some of the things which are pointed out to the mind of the Apostle John in the planes of Spirit, he had been taken into the heavens and he is being shown the things that relate to history in past, present and future and he's shown the great mystery of the opposition of God's Kingdom. The opposition of God's Kingdom in one of its highest and most extensive organizations of evil in the earth was existent in the Empire of Mystery Babylon. It was existent in the days from Nebuchadnezzar to Beishazzar and during the time of Beishazzar had attained almost the unparalleled leadership of iniquity. At this time it was extending under the power of Babylon a forced intrigue upon the Nations of the world and was co-operated with by all the false religions from one end of the earth to the other. Long, long since had this evil Priesthood taken over the ancient teachings of ancient India. The knowledge that they once had concerning the knowledge of the True God and the tremendous wisdom that was once recorded by the Vedic forefathers who had moved into that land with their wisdom and their knowledge and the Vedic Writers and the Vedic Teachers were actually men of your race that came down from the High Tarim Basin, descendants of Seth who traveling through this land had tried to roll back the superstition, had declared the truth of the Eternal God, of the righteousness of His Kingdom, of the One God and the fact that His purposes were to eventually establish righteousness in the earth and overthrow evil. The resulting war against the Vedic forces were created by the offspring of Lucifer. More than this, these evil Priests looked exactly the same whether they were sowed among the races of Asia, whether they were found as the Canaanite descendants that have plague your society or whether they were found among the Temples of Set and Sol in ancient Egypt where they set-up their dark and occult practices.

    From the earliest times of the study of Assyrian Mysteries, we discovered that Luciferian service established High Priesthoods of these mongrel offspring and strange unassimilatable people. They continually were to cloud all the things which they taught in a mystery which they said none could understand, but these "llluminated Wise Masters" which they set above man where ever they went, they were constantly promising that if people would give subservience to them, they would be guided by a way which would give them more abundance and greater security and would provide for all of their problems only surrender to the authority of these Wise and Illuminated Ones and strangely enough they set-up the mystery schools of the upper phalanxes of religion not only from the steppe of Tibet to the hearts of India across all of Asia and dominated under "Voodas" who fell in his rebellion with Lucifer and whose offspring satanically guide the Devil Priest of darkest Africa and still all in league came from a COMMON ORIGIN.

    There is no doubt that one of the strange things that transpired in India that moving away from the light and truth which reached its probably greatest light during the great Aryan strength in which the land of India under Aryan leadership and Aryan Emperors started to progress and under the teachings that reverted again to "One God" and to "His Truth", but the overweighing power of the tremendous masses of the thousands and the millions that moved under the call of these Dark Priests, gathered them again to the Temples of Brabma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali, Kali the Assass in Goddess, the Wife of Lucifer, the incarnate seed of all evil who not only today hold sway over millions of revolutionist inside of India, but has always been diametrically opposed to the White Man's Civilization and His God. More than this, Kali, as the Assassin Goddess, is marked as identified in their theology and with Illuminated Mystery Theology all over the world and Isis, Ishtar and as such has its relationship with Babylonian Mysteries as well as the Mysteries of ancient India

    In the ancient land of Babylon, the powers of this unassimilatable Priesthood had set-up their own Priestcraft, their tremendous powers, their Supreme Bishops, their High Pontiffs, their Vestal Virgins which numbered in the thousands and in this entire highly organized system of evil dominating religion with its superstitions, the height of immorality and Temple prostitution was unprecedented in human history. More than this, their power was so great that they regulated the control of the Babylonian Empire, liquidating and removing anybody that stood in their way, whether they reached up even close to the side of the Emperors themselves. Thus it was the most diabolical force in ancient Babylon, was this Satanic Mystery School of Illuminated Masters. They were not illuminated with the Light of God, but they shed out that darkness of evil that Jesus said, "if thy light be darkness" than this be the unprecedented symbol of identity from whom they are because this is THE WALL OF DARKNESS AND THIS IS THE UNFOLDING DARKNESS the Scriptures refer to "that seeks to surround men and its propaganda becomes a poison to the mind and seeks to capture them completely". The Scripture is filled with the discussion of these Schools of Darkness, the mysteries of Mystery Babylon and whereas the ancient patterns of false and satanic religion had swept over ancient Asia, dominated Africa, stretched out over the Assyrian Empires, this was known now as MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT because in Babylon it reached its greatest height. Long after the establishment of their controls in ancient India, they had sought to wage war against any emblem of significance outside your race.

    Remember in the days when Nimrod progressed out of the steppe of upper Persia and moved down into the plain of Shinar and conquered Erech and Babel, this descendant of Ham who was the Son of Noah had with him also some Shemites, but remember that up to the time when Nimrod built Ur of the Chaldees, the great City of the Chaldees, that Nimrod the Hamite had selected Terah the Shemite as his Prime Minister. Remember that Abraham came as the Son of Terah and left the land of Ur of the Chaldees under the guidance of God because of the great pollution that came upon that City of Ur of the Chaldees, but prior to that when he captured the great plain of Shinar overthrew the Temples of Erech and Babel in that early time, little was it realized that there was going to be a great capturing of this center, even of this man Nimrod, who would fall for the designs and the suggestions of this evil Priesthood. A great number of people today talk about Nimrod as though Nimrod was the very center of all this evil philosophy and theology, he was a captivated mind like some of the Presidents we've had in the last few years. He was dominated He was controlled, they even talked him into believing he was God. I think that almost happened to F.D.R. because before he got through, when they were having a drought in the Country and they called on him to have a day of prayer for rain, he said, "I'll take care of that".

    There isn't any question that before we got through the study and the research of the last thirty-five years concerning Babylon, we discover that out of India about the dark Temples of Set and Sol which seek to preserve their identity in Egypt in that time as well as the forces which had emerged out of the heart of upper China and from the Steppe and out of the ancient old cities that had existed near Bay Ping for thousands of years from whence they traced the dark influence of those strange cults, the power is exactly the same. In fact, I happen to have not only ivory carvings that were specifically made in times of great antiquity of their Priest. I have a great number of old etchings and some of the oldest scrolls that came out of China that were given to a friend of ours that donated to the Bay Ping University before all of China fell to the Reds and they were on display for awhile out in the Museum near the Coliseum Exhibition Park. We happen to have in these charts and records that are of great significance, for if you will look at these faces by the thousands of the Priests which had descended generation after generation to control all of these pagan forces, they looked like a hock shop proprietor that you could find down here on Main Street. Now, that's not a coincidence, my friends, but whether you get them out of Sumer, whether you gather them out of ancient China where we happen to have the old manuscripts, some of which are older than the time of Christ.

    Now, here you have the pictures of the generations and the lines and the descendancy and these started from that period and were added to generation after generation and were brought up to date as of 1736 and you can get a good look at who has been running the religions inside of Asia and inside of China. I have little ivory statues about so big of the deep Priests of the inner-circles of the Mystery of these Asiatic religions and the strange thing is that there were even areas of Buddhism in which their dominate influence and their Red Company demonstrated that the Masters of it were still members of the same force because these High Officials were known as the Illuminated Masters. In fact, it was in the seventeen hundreds that we had a little evidence of how well organized and co-ordinate these illuminated Masters are, for strangely enough they gathered in Europe, for Venice had been the headquarters of these people for sometime. Remember that from the fall of Babylon when Babylon was eventually conquered by the Medes and the Persians, the World headquarters of all the pagans on the face of the earth went down. Now, they transferred their headquarters temporarily to the Isle of Pergamos, they were here to set themselves up inside of Venice, they were to move to various Capitols in Europe, they established themselves in various Centers where they thought they would be over-looked inside of Russia, but always they worked out from under the same general pattern of the Masters. On May 1st in 1776, the Illuminated Masters which came from Asia, they came from Africa, they came from near by Middle Eastern Countries, gathered together under the call of the Maste of the Grand World Lodge of Illuminated Masters, also a supreme Master of what was known as the "Kehilla" which was the particular "Jewish Branch" of this Institution. The man who gave the summon call and was credited later for being the founder of all of the Mysterious forces of this Illuminated Master Organization was actually not it creator. He was only at that time Master of this Lodge that reached back to the day when they invaded Pergamos and took it after the fall of Babylon. This man was "Ad Weishaupt" and it was in 1776 that these illuminated Masters gathered and formed their unique plan for their major assault now against CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION.

    The last time they had been called was in Venice when they were called at that time "The Masters", all of them that directed its control, brought from all over the earth, were under the leadership of the "Grand Rabbi" at that time of World Jewry. They selected as you may remember, if you are a student of History, contemporary in the days of Genghis Khan. They separated a man named "Chepe Noyon" who was a Chine' Jew and a member of their Illuminati to become a advisor unto a man in the Steppes, if they could gather him and use him, they were going to make a earth conqueror out of him, make a tool out of him, gather the hordes of Asia, direct them by superstition and Priestcraft into an invasion of Western Europe to crush Christian Civilization and put it in their hands. If you'll read Genghis Khan's "March of the Barbarians" or his "Life of Genghis Khan", you'll discover that a Chinese Jew named "Chepe Noyon", a man who was picked in Venice by the Illuminati, by an Organization of International Illuminated Wise Masters to rule the world and this is the headquarters of ALL FALSE RELIGION, THIS IS THE TEMPLE OF TRUE SATAN WORSHIP IN THE HOUSE OF LUCIFER. This also, my friends, is the MASTER ORGANIZATION THAT RULES ALL JEWRY AND ALL OF ITS SYMAGOGUES AND ALL OF ITS ORGANIZATIONS IN THE WORLD IS TIED TO THIS SAME PROGRAM.

    Now, if there is some Jew that doesn't like it, you're in Church, go to the Synagogue. Listen! We point out to you that this design had been a warfare that existed back in the days when they brought the hordes of Genghis Khan into Europe, they opened the doors of City after City, the speedy fall of a great number of these Cities were not just the out flanking maneuvers and the speedy pinchers movement of the great Khan and all of his hordes, but it was the ability of these hordes to approach Cities and have the doors opened for them when they got there and these Merchants opened the doors. You'll find Harold Lamb tells this well as do a great number of other Historians. They tell well how the doors were opened and the doors were thrown open by these Merchants that gathered around the door and find out who they were. They were JEWISH MERCHANTS gathered out of Asia, out of India from the corners of the earth for this purpose and they opened the gates while men slept and threw open the doors. This happened in Samarkand. It happened in Baghdad. It happened, my friends, even at the gates of Vienna and that's one of the reasons why Martin Luther discovered what was happening inside of Germany and said these people identify themselves and their identity with these hordes by the wearing of a "Yellow Arm Band". He said if Germany and the countries of Europe were smart they would make these people wear a "Yellow Arm Band" from this time forward and forever so people would know who they were at all times because they had betrayed Christian Civilization so completely. I point out to you that this significant pattern of darkness was behind the pattern of revolution. The Illuminati at that time established a clear relationship with the pagan forces that had even waged war in the days of Solomon and had sought to take ever the Temple of Solomon and even the faith and the worship of Israel by penetration subtlety trying to come by way of Tyre claiming their friendship with David who had been the father, of course, of Solomon. You remember that if you go back into this pattern, it was the design of these ancient Mystery Schools to come in and to capture the control of Israel as well as all the Nations of that day and then by their policies to take over their Political Life in the name of more wisdom and illuminated sophisticated society of supposed Grand Masters of all knowledge by which they hoped that everybody would accept their authority and leadership and they would use the power of their manipulation of money and their strange intrigue in Government to accomplish these purposes.

    Now, the significant thing is that way back in the earliest formation of these Institutions on down to this period in the seventeen hundreds, especially 1776 which was, of course, our historic date for our own independence. This evil power in Europe was planning now on its supreme attempt to wipe out, destroy and suppress ALL CHRISTIANITY. A Grand Lodge of the Orient suddenly became adopted as a part of Masonry. Now, I want to tell you something tonight, there is no greater line of historical spiritual symbolized truth, Temple-Eyed by the great Fraternity of the established Brotherhood of God's Kingdom that was established by the Master Builders of "True Masonry" that came down from the days of the Pyramid through the whole history of your race right on down through the days of the Temple of Solomon and clear down to the Essene Company in the days of Christ and the TRUE BLUE LODGE OF MASONRY inside of Britain. Don't misunderstand this, the Blue Lodge of Masonry, this Blue Lodge of Free Masons, was not this organization "The Grand Lodge of the Orient" which is a JEW INFESTED SATANIC REVOLUTION AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHT. Now, a few people say, Dr. Swift, you shouldn't say that, I'm a Mason. Well, that's one of those circumstances that you may not be responsible for, that is what has happened inside of Masonry, but I want you to know that Adam Weishaupt in 1776 planned the penetration and the union of all the pagan Lodges throughout the world and the whole false systems of religion in an invasion of Masonry and to change Masonry into a diabolical revolution.

    Now, this has never effected truly the Blue Lodge, but it has effected a lot of orders that men thought were merely plain lodges set-up, but in this Grand Lodge of the Orient and I can read to you the exact declaration that was made at that time concerning its strategy in which the leader of that Grand Lodge and as late as 1922, the Grand Lodge of the Orient, a JEW, A MEMBER OF THE ILLUMINATI, A MEMBER OF THE ILLUMINATED MASTERS and also called himself THE GRAND MASTER MASON. This was the orator in the Grand Lodge said, MY BROTHER MASONS our hope is that now through this free masonry which has done so much for the emancipation of man and to which history owes National Revolutions, all great Revolutions, let us hope now that the greatest one, THE INTERNATIONAL REVOLUTION, WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED BY US. This should wake-up true people to know that this isn't the Lodge of the true Master Builders of which George Washington was a part. This isn't the Lodge, my friends, which was established in the days of Job as a "Master Masons" to which Paul belonged when he said, I as a Wise Master Builder, NOTHING CAN BE ADDED TO OR TAKEN AWAY FROM THE FOUNDATION WHICH I LAY IN CHRIST. I want you to know that the design of the Illuminati specifically in its war against Christianity was the attempted and hoped for suppression of every branch of the Christian Faith and of every secret order that existed that they could not penetrate and take over to formulate their revolution. Why did they talk about an International Revolution back in 1776 and then try to make peoples of the world think that all revolution was the same? Why did they in 1922 still talk about it? Why do they at this very moment plan to establish the Temple of a SUPREME REVOLUTION AND A ANTI-CHRIST RELIGION in New York City as well as in Washington D. C.? I point this out to you now. All the world pagan religions have been spawned and backed by the same evil forces and Christ said that this would be the way you would identify them.

    In fact, back in the 17th Chapter of Revelations where John is given the vision of things that were to happen and he said, 1'WOE" I want to show you who the great whore is that sits upon the many waters, or racial streams, with whom all the rulers of earth have committed violations and in which the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornications; he carried me away in the spirit unto the wilderness and I saw this woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast full of the names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns and the woman was arrayed in purple and in scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication; and upon her forehead was a name written. MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

    Now, Mystery Babylon is a Mystery School of Darkness and of oppression, it's a Mystery School of Evil and of immorality, it's a Mystery School of a design to dominate the earth for LUCIFER and to establish the supreme authority of Lucifer and Kali, Lilth or Ashtar, Isis or you will. The last incarnation of this evil was Blavatsky, don't forget that. The supreme design to try to take away all spiritual truth, obscure all of Christianity in a pagan type of "Occultism" that eventually surrenders your white race into the hands of Asia into Asiatic swami and Asiatic Masters who from behind the scenes are controlled by those who would rule the world and eventually surrender all of you if they could do this into the binding of your minds to false philosophies and occult things. Someone said, what is OCCULT? Well, the original word of occult meant "HIDDEN". There are mysteries and there are hidden things in your faith, but they are things of TRUTH AND OF LIGHT AND LIFE and the only reason why they're hidden Christ said, it's unto you it is given to know the MYSTERIES OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, unto your adversary it is not given because He didn't want your adversary to profess a knowledge of these things and then join you and destroy you by joining the Church or becoming a citizen of your Nation and seek to overthrow. God wanted you to maintain segregation and never accept the false conversion of one of Satan's Children or permit him on this ground of false conversion to rise to power in your Nation. I tell you today, no one causes more trouble inside of Christendom than supposed converted Jews that have joined the Church and then use this merely as a political means to gain power and influence.

    I quote also the Book, which is known as the "Marranos". This Book Marranos is published by the American Jewish Publication Society, its Author is the Jew, Cecil Roth, it's not written for your consumption, it's written for theirs and in this Book they tell how they have made converts by the thousands, join the Church, pervert its doctrines, contend its doctrine and then to destroy it from within and how they had become nothing more than heretics on the outside, the infidels on the inside, but now they could no longer have anyone select them out and identify them as not being Christians because having joined the Institution, having submitted to baptisms, having gone through all the processes and all the ordinances of the Church, they now worked on the inside to destroy and that's one of the reasons why we have so much Socialist and Communist minded Preachers and Professors, many of them in the Methodist Church who are JEWS, for I've covered the so called Methodist Federation of Social Action for the un-American Activities Committee and when I covered that meeting with another Clergyman, they were not knit enough at that time to identify the people that came and went and they accepted even the credentials of those that should never have gotten in as far as they were concerned and at that meeting I listened to a great number of these men, JEWS, who had joined the Protestant Ministry, gone through its Seminaries in order to wield their influence and to speak the DOCTRINES OF DEATH and of Socialism and Marxism from the pulpit, they had no faith in Jesus Christ, they openly admitted it and the Chief speaker to this bunch of left-wing, Pro-Red Preachers and even some of them Party Card Members, was none other than Overstreet, who with his brother, you know Mature Mind Overstreet, Harry Gverstreet, supposed to have produced the Text Book against Communism. That's not a Text Book against Communism, that, my friends, while opposing Communism in a mild way, at the same time knocks every phase of your own profit Capitalistic System. Well, I'm just surprised at the number of dim wits that haven't been able to determine the difference between real anti-Communist writing and when somebody who is doing a subversive job for the enemy writes a book to cover up their own identity so they can keep on moving in high circles. This is a battle for survival. This is the time when the Christian Church must determine that the destiny of America must be determined by Christians, when they must start thinking Christian, voting Christian and buying Christian for the heaviest boycott against anti-Christian Merchants in the history of our society.

    I think that it is a rather interesting thing that their designs was the design for building a World Organization of Nations among the Christian Nations, so called dedicated to peace, that would eventually disarm themselves and leave themselves at the direction of the supposed Master Minds in the areas of International Organization and activity all of which were to be their Illuminated Masters. This is in his own text. I think it a rather significant thing today that in this Council of Foreign Relations which we have, we have a great number of members of the Illuminati. I think you ought to know a little bit about what the Illuminati itself stands for, so I'm going to read this to you concerning the Illuminati, and this is the tenets of the six-pointed program of the Illuminati which is made out of the six-pointed symbol of the snake woven into a six-pointed star with one of these major tenets in each point.

    I just want to shake you a little bit with this. This is a great Christian Nation, the Supreme Court has ruled it so, the great balance of the majority of people in our society are Christian and before World War II, we had a better balance than we have now and out of 190,000,000 people today, we still are 145,000,000 white Christians and 45,000,000 of everything else including one of the most satanic invasions of all time coming in as refugees, but actually a Trojan Horse to destroy our society. In Washington, D. C. they're building a Temple, this is going to be known as The Temple of U. Nism. It's a Spiritual Temple to all religions and it suppose to be the Temple of Universal Understanding and it is to overthrow and replace Nationalisms and Individual Faith. I've mentioned before this Temple as concerning some of those that are its sponsors and some of these sponsors are something to shake you down when you realize that some of these strange and peculiar "Gu Ru" of strange religions have had some influence among one of the prominent leaders and supporters of the builders of this first $5,000,000 edifice known as the Temple of Understanding in Washington is none other than Defense Robert S. McNamara, leaders of the Socialist Party and then inside of it are a group of sweais from New Delhi and from other parts of India and, of course, one of those that strangely might have made it some is none other than Thomas B. Watson, President of International Business Machine, I.B.M. You say, surely a man as smart as this can't go for all this pagan philosophy and strange oriental religion. I don't know? I'll never forget that one of the most insulting things ever done by any concern of American business was conducted right here in California at San Jose by I.B.M. That was the day when the bloody dictator with the blood of thousands upon his hands and still dripping with the blood of those he has massacred after promising amnesty to them inside of Hungary came as a guest of the President of the United States to the United States and then rode down Pennsylvania Avenue and spoke in the United Nations and traveled to California as a guest of your President. When Premier Khrushchev came to America and the Host was President Eisenhower, this President was disgracing America and its tradition and when he came to California, we'll still remember that if there is nothing else you can praise Mayor Polsen for is that he had courage enough to stand-up at that dinner they were giving for the Anti-Christ, which was enough to make anybody sick, and say, I've just got one thing to say to you, you've been telling the world that you're going to bury us, but you're not going to do that Mr. Khrushchev. In fact, he intimated rather clearly that if there's any burying td do, we're going to do the burying. You say, that's not Biblical and that's not Christian, but really it is. It tells me over in the 39th chapter of Ezekiel, we're going to be seven months burying these hordes out of Asia when they come. Going to take all the bulldozers and earthmovers we've got, keep them busy burying these people. Listen, we point out to you that when this man went to Santa Barbara, they rolled out the "Red Carpet" and everybody threw their arms around this bloody dictator and ignored even the circle of defense around him. You remember when he got to San Jose, that the I.B.M. Company, remember this now. I wouldn't buy an I.B.M. Machine if it was the last piece of machinery on the face of the earth and I'm going to tell you why. Any concern that would hang out across their Plant the words "WELCOME KHRUSHCHEV PRINCE OF PEACE". I have a photograph of that I.B.M. Plant. I would no more work for this organization of Anti-Christ, for whether you know it or not, irrespective how many people may be in this thing that are patriots, there is a power of evil in this thing that would put-up a sign like that. That sign belongs only for JESUS CHRIST AND NO ONE ELSE, and when you put up that sign for the Anti-Christ, it shows you there are some branches of International business that would sell their Country, their faith and their God if it meant a dollar for them.

    Isn't it a strange thing, that one of the sponsors of this evil pagan Temple in Washington, D. C. is then the President of I.B.M. All right! This Temple is to be called "THE SPIRITUAL U. N. TEMPLE, the symbol of all "Brotherhood" and all "Sisterhood" of Mankind! It's suppose to be divided into SIX TIERS, it suppose to have, of course, SIX INDIVIDUAL POINTS, it's suppose to have also SIX SYMBOLS OF DIVINE AUTHORITY and it has also SIX MEASURES OF ITS ENFORCEMENT. You know, you get SIX THREE TIMES here, it is rather strange isn't it? 666 seems to belong to this Temple which the Scripture tells me is the NUMBER OF THE BEAST. Behind it and supporting it is an unparalleled number of JEWS. I have a list of them all here. There are some people who shouldn't be in it, but there are a lot of Jews, including Jack Benny and a lot of others that are a part of it and behind it is a long and highly organized group of Internationalist that have been taken over, used and are still being used hypnotically under the SPELL OF EVIL.

    Now, I want to point out to you the Tenets. This is called the GREAT TEMPLE OF UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING which is to have its large room known as the MEDITATION ROOM, the HALL OF ILLUMINATION. Here the Illuninati, Masters of Wisdom and leaders of the TEMPLE OF UNDERSTANDING are going to train the public in the NEW HUMANISTIC DEVELOPMI~ OF RELIGION FOR ALL THE WORLD AND THE U.N. LISTEN TO THIS! The Illuminati, the Illuminated Masters are going TO TRAIN THE WORLD AND ALL THAT IS PUBLIC IN THIS NEW RELIGION, it's going to replace all the "SIX PHASE they say and in this they put on Christianity at the same level in this Country with the SIX IMPORTANT STEPS, they say, of the New Religion which, of course, as they develop it here is to be HINDUISM, JUDAISM, BUDDHISM, CONFUCIANISM, CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM. Now, let me point out the SIX POINTS, this is why I tell you that CHRISTIAN POINT doesn't mean a thing. This Christian Point is a point for the philosophy of a teacher named JESUS, but not for INCARNATE GOD who told His Kingdom that they were to occur the earth. They only want those points of the philosophy that surrender the Kingdom into the hands of the enemy and so one of the most important phase facets of this, and we have the material concerning this, is the teachings of Christ as interpreted by the ILLUMINATED MASTERS who say, RESIST NO MAN, TURN THE OTHER CHEEK and all of these things. The only thing they can see is the disarmament pacifist program.

    Now, I want to say this; Jesus Christ never taught you to turn the other cheek to the Soviet Union. He never taught you to love all these pagans that hate your God. He never told you, my friends that you were not to resist. You say, why, what about the Sermon on the Mount? The Sermon on the Mount is the rule of the Kingdom for Christians, brothers and sisters of the same race and of the same household, inside their own Nation. Their enemies are of their own household; those that would despitefully use them and have spiritual responsibility and can be shamed and moved on by the Spirit of God. You can1t take the Laws of the Kingdom and try to work with the Anti-Christ on them, or he'll cut your throat all the time. Jesus never instructed that, but inside of this, they are trying even to take Christianity down to just a sort of a moralization of how to surrender your independence, don't resist, don't fight, be a pacifist and so forth.

    Now, these are the SIX POINTS of the ILLUMINATED MASTERS. I think this should open the eyes of everybody. I'm going to read them to you as they relate to the Temple and to its strategy.

    (1.) It is hatred of the TRUE GOD, especially of HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. Now, they don't call it the True God, they call it the hatred of the ONE GOD COMPLEX, especially as manifested by Christians and the acceptance of the ONE MESSIAH, JESUS CHRIST. How can you have a branch of Christianity when you hate Jesus?

    (2.) It calls for the destruction of all PRIVATE PROPERTY and all RIGHT OF INHERITANCE. Sounds like Karl Marx, doesn't it? Well, the sane people generated the same program, planned the same thing.

    (3.) Absolute social and racial equality for ALL save the MASTERS OF ILLUMINATION that shall guide the masses. Everybody is equal, but the TOP JEWS, be interesting to see whether they'er bullet proof. I knew there was somebody waiting to take that down, they never wrote one word until I said that never wrote one word.

    (4,) Destruction of all forms of Government and the creation of a DICTATORSHIP OF THE ILLUMINATI FOR THE WORLD. That's a perpetration probably, this Council of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Relations under the leadership of their own select group. I don't know whether Mr. Kennedy has been working real hard on how and trying to develop this in the Cabinet, but remember there are 77 Jews out of that 126 appointees. A great number of them be-long to this very group of Institutions that we're talking about.

    (5.) The end of all Nationalisms and all Individual National Patriotisms. The acceptance of the soverign emblem of the WORLD GOVERNMENT. Do you like that? Our forefathers signed a Declaration of Independence, I'm ready to sign it again. Now, these people live in immoral rottenness, it was manifested from their evil Temples inside of Babylon, as is manifested by the corrupt immorality of India and don't forget that it lives in its prostitution of its Temples until its increased its population beyond its ability to support them, but beyond even the mentalities that they degenerated to accomplish this fact. I can listen to a report from our Ambassador to India and he talks about the great progress that's being made there. Do you know what that progress is? That's American money, doing all the work, hiring all the labor and giving them all the profit. That's progress for them.

    (6.) The abolition of marriage and family life. The practice of FREE LOVE with all children to be raised and trained by the State. That's a great religion that's set-up in Washington, D. C., isn't it? The negroes have tried that already in Washington, D. C., that's why they've increased so many of them. That's why they have so many on dole there. They didn't think this out by themselves, they didn't think, but they've been told this kind of propaganda among their own evil forces, among those that have dominated them. Today, all you've got to talk to is a Congressman responsible for D. C. to find out one of their greatest financial and social and economic problems in the D. C. area is the supporting of illigimate children by the hundreds and they don't know who their fathers are and it doesn't seem important since they just keep breeding them so that they might take on the protection and dole that they get.

    Yes, the program of the Powers of Darkness is the abolition of all Spiritual righteousness. It is the abolition of marriage, the family life. The practice now is to be added to this of FREE LOVE, children to be raised and trained by the State. I don't see where it's one bit ahead of what the Soviet Union is doing now. We point out that under this design and this strategy this is the development of the New World Religion. Remember, the New World Religion has no morality, the New World Religion is just one massive orgy of evil and it starts out with surrendering your faith and buying a little Hinduism and a little Buddhism, sticking up a little Buddha in your house and a little symbol of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Kali and just to show you're well rounded out, you might get a witch doll from some Voodoo doctor to show that you're not partial. Oh, yes, you can have a little statue of Christ over there if you will just remember that He is just one of the boys. All right!

    I point out to you this, since this is also a complete report on the reporting of Kermit Roosevelt made both in the Journal and all of her Press releases across the Country concerning its design, that under this program of this Universal Temple of Development and Understanding in which the whole public is to be given in-formation, that this new group will be given all assistance to spread their doctrine in every school of upper learning and they will be able to present their "Brotherhood" program to young people in all schools in all levels because not being partial to any faith, they will not be interfered with by any Government level of any Institution who's a member Nation of the United Nations. Now, right now in your Country you have a new Department created. This Department is the New Department of Religious Affairs. This organization has power to suppress Christian Churches, it has power to have control over what they teach and how they think, it has thought control, it has power to stop even the operations of a Minister and performing the functions of his Ministry when they so determine it and back it up with Military force. We found out in your own City that a great number of the Editors who didn't know anything about this until it was brought to their attention by us and through the medium of tape and through contact and said they would publish this and then these fellows haven't had the courage to publish it when they found it out after verifying it from Washington because they were afraid of the retaliation.

    You know, if you were to lose America, it would be because too many people were too cowardly to stand-up for what's right, but you're not going to lose America because there are more people in these United States that will stand-up and save it for the people that don't deserve it.

    I turn tonight to the realization that in the carrying out now and the rebringing to light of a full operation of the Illuminati and the declaration of their design, we are watching now this fulfillment of the thing, which God has declared. They are supporting the Beast System which Christ said is an attempt at World Government to put all Nations together under ONE SUPER GOVERNMENTAL CONIROL in which they all enter this thinking they are going to get something and find out they are not. You note, that the false Babylonian System, Mystery Religions of Darkness is ANTI-CHRISTIAN, it's diametrically opposed to the identity of Christ as the Messiah and to the identity of everything that relates to your faith from the days of Adam to your time.

    Now, it supports the Political System, which the Scripture calls THE BEAST. In supporting this Beast System, you will read here exactly how far it goes. It not only seeks to put it in power, but it has been manipulating its evil influence through Seven Empires or Seven Mountains which are Seven Kingdoms on which this evil power has had its influence. From the days of Egypt and Assyria, Babylon, Media Persia, Greece and Rome and out of the catastrophe of this satanic influence will rise an Eight and the Scripture tells you about that and, of course, we're told that out of this last rising resistance and conspiracy which was the attempt to conquer us with the Asiatic hordes of Genghis Khan, was to rise again on the power of this evil system to give life unto the BEAST, a Political System of challenge to try to take the world over again and so from the death of the hordes of Genghis Khan and from the breaking of their power to now, the re-rise of the hordes out of Asia from the Steppes of the Russias, from the hordes of China and from the Mongolian Mountain and, of course, the gathering of all of the Minority Groups, NON-WHITE and NON-CHRISTIAN that they can roll into this picture.

    So, the Book of Revelations says concerning this, that in these latter days there will be as many as Ten Kingdoms, which give their power unto its political strength. They'll have ONE MIND; they'll give their power and strength unto this political program of WORLD GOVERNMENT.THFY WILL SEEK TO MAKE THEIR WAR WITH CHRIST. They will seek to overcome those that are identified with Him, but HE IS LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF DINGS and all that are with Him are called the CHOSEN and the FAITHFUL. IT'S TIME YOU FOUND OUT THAT THE CHRISTIANS ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. It goes a little further and said, the waters are the great numbers of peoples, the multitudes of the peoples and Nations and Tongues over which this BEAST SYSTEM GMNS CONTROL and over which this FALSE SYSTEM OF RELIGION HAS ITS JNFLUENCE, but in the explosion of our time, God is going to bring great judgment upon this evil of its false religion and its religious system. In fact, we're told that its economic influence as well as its religious influence sweeping out over the earth will eventually be thrown down and I'm going to tell you that the Scripture says some-thing here for you to remember. It says, THUS WITH VIOLENCE IS THIS GREAT EVIL MYSTERY CITY OF BABYLON BE THROWN DOWN. Oh, you say, well, that was talking about the day that it went down before the Medes and Persians. NO, it wasn't. This was told to John in the Book of Revelations when long after his discipleship, he was on the Isle of Patmos and this was unveiled to him in the Mystery of the Revelation vision, so you see Babylon had fallen years and years before this, had nothing to with the ancient City of Babylon, it was talking about the continuity of its evil force and when Jesus wanted to identify them and He gave John His messages unto the Churches, He said, "I know about the troubles of the people that are Christian and have to live on the Isle of Pergamos, that's where Satan's seat is". Now, this proves indelibly that the WORLD INSTITUTIONS OF ORGANIZED JEWRY who had their Head-quarters inside of Pergamos from which Herod came, the Herodian that was King of the Jews that tried to kill Christ at His birth, and in the days of Christendom, Jesus identified this place of the Illuminati who moved from there to Venice and spread out over the world as SATAN'S OWN SEED. No wonder He called them THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. No wonder He identified MYSTERY BABYLON AS THE MOTHER OF ALL FALSE RELIGIONS. We turn here again inside the 18th Chapter of Revelations and I read here, know this that financing this and in league with all these false religious systems were a great number of the International Merchants, they were so called great men of the earth who deceived all Nations by their sorceries and in her is found the blood of the Prophets and the Saints and of all that have been slain upon the earth. I turn again to the words of Jesus back here in Matthew, which after His identity had brought about the design again to destroy and kill and murder Him and Jesus said over here in Matthew, UPON YOU, identifying again this generation of the Serpents, these people who were the "Yehudin" of His day, He turned to them and He said, "UPON YOU COMES, THEREFORE, THE BLOOD OF ALL THE RIGHTEOUS SLAIN THAT HAVE BEEN SLAIN UPON THE EARTH". Jesus identifies in Matthew as He identified in John the ENEMY OF YOUR CHRLSTIAN SOCIETY. You know, we have stepped up a clear channel of identification since the enemies in our Nation have determined that the Christian Church can't do this. It wasn't so many weeks ago that they came out to cite that your pulpit and this Christian Church and those associated with you castigate the Jews and castigate the Negroes, but the Jew that was in here made a mistake because he said we were advocating a White Autocracy. Now, that proves that he didn't take down his shorthand correctly because we said a white Aristocracy. God save us when we lose that. Then to prove that the Jews supply the Communist Party, which they are its creators, with its information as well as the Los Angeles Times, they both misquoted and both wrote down the same error as the man made who took the notes in here. Then the same thing happened when Moslem X Negro column now having been given a justification by the Jews and the Commies for all their assault against the Police Department, all they are brying to do is to fight those that are telling the truth about their religion and their origin and so they came out and they had the same error in that paper. So, we can make one statement here and it can be misquoted here and all three of the left-wing Communist Negro and Jewish papers came out to repeat it including the Times. Someone said, the Times carries your ad. They surely do. The Times carries the ad and they have Paul Coats in there too.

    I'm going to tell you this, this strange power that set-up false religions in Washington, D. C. actually intends to eventually use the power of Government to force everybody to accept this pagan religion. Did you ever hear anyone ask the question what the MARK OF THE BEAST is? This, my friends, is giving assent in your mind and putting your hand to do the work of the forces of Anti-Christ. They may do that all over the world, but they're not going to do it in these United States. Someone said, why? I'm going to tell you why. There is a difference between FREEDOM OF RELIGION and an INSTITUTION OF THE DEVIL BEING CALLED RELIGION. There is a difference between FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM TO WORSHIP and dictatorially controlled directives from a WORLD GOVERNMENT POWER WHO CALLS ITSELF A RELIGION AND ATTACKS EVERY FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH and I'm going to tell you this, they are counting on something that they are under estimating, there are still 145,000,000 white Christians in these United States.

    Yes, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF ALL FALSE RELIGIONS. Jesus unveiled this to John. He identifies its HEART and its SOUL. I pass on to you tonight that ORGANIZED JEWRY IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF FALSE RELIGIONS. It is the MOTHER OF MYSTERY BABYLON. It has sought by the extension of its Babylonian ILLUMINATI TO RULE THE WORLD, it's still at work, and it’s re-organizing its activities to try to headquarter them in Washington, D. C. at the very present time. I tell you it's time that Christians organize from one end of America to the other. I think it's time the Christian Church forget any divisions it might have in its theology to win this great battle of determining that Christianity is not going to be swept out of America, diluted or destroyed. This is everybody's battle.

    I mentioned last Friday night and I mention again that this is the danger of Mystery Babylon that tries to crawl inside of the Christian Church to interpret its doctrines. One great Church over in Santa Anna this week had an unusual awakening. The Pastor was introducing a speaker. The speaker was going to come in a few days and one of his laymen went to the Pastor, he belonged to the extreme right, the layman did, he said, what do you know about this speaker who's coming to speak? Oh, the Pastor said, I'll personally vouch for him, he is a man of excellent character, I've been acquainted with him, I know this man's abilities and his great understanding. This didn't satisfy the right-winger, so he went out and did a little checking and careful investigation brought out that the speaker was a Communist Party Member, then a little careful checking on where the Pastor knew him brought out that the Pastor was a Communist Party Member and so now, they had a private meeting in the Church and the congregation has decided they are not going to support the Preacher and they're calling for another one and the Church is walking out. I don't know whether the Santa Anna papers will have the courage to print this story, but if so, it's going to break this week and they are going to demand that their Communist Preacher be moved along because one right-winger was asleep. No, because he was awake and found out what it was all about and pretty soon there was a whole congregation of people that were incensed when they became aware of what was about to happen. This is what I mean when I say that they would even move inside the Church as they have attempted to do, but they are not satisfied with the speed of this maneuver, they want to involve all religion in an open embracing of this program. I think there was nothing more disgusting than to hear the National Council of Churches as a World Council of Church Organizations supporting that a interlinking brotherhood and greater fellowship should take place between all religious leaders that all over the world are trying to be good anyhow whether they are Hindu or Buddhist or who they are and thus we should have a show of inner-religious respect for all religions everywhere. How can you preach the GOSPEL OF THIS BOOK WITH THAT DOCTRINE? I think it's time that Christians everywhere repudiated the World Council of Churches as not speaking for TRUE CHRISTIANS anywhere in the United States.

    There are many things, but I will not try to take the time to bring out to you tonight, but I want you to know that this strange influence of Mystery Babylon is always laid with the design to try to make everybody feel superior by telling them we're taking you into the MYSTERIES, THAT ONLY YOU HIGHLY INTELLEQKJAL ONES CAN UNDERSTAND. That's the "bait" they're putting out in Washington, D. C. Now, so each one that is brought into the FIRST STEP OF THE CULT is being brought in as one of the little bit superior people that will be picked on for the superior job and you know, more people fall for that, never knowing that these Grand Masters of this Illuminati have never designed to do anything, but captivate them in their Government positions, but never share with them the administration and so they move in.

    Let me tell you that nobody from India can come in and teach you anything, my friends. Oh, you say, but they have an old religion, but it couldn't do anything for the peoples of India. It couldn't clean them up, it couldn't give them enough food, it couldn't give them creative ability, it couldn't give them vision, it couldn't teach them how to occupy in the midst of the earth, so, therefore, their GODS ARE DEAD AND BLIND AND EVIL AND CAN DO NOTHING FOR THEIR PEOPLE. Someone said, oh, but the beauties of Buddhism, what tremendous and beautiful thoughts. Consider the Lotus Flower! Well, you can consider the Lotus Flower. Solomon considered the Lilies of the field. I just want to tell you something; those Lotus Flowers haven't done anything for Asia. They haven't kept it from going Communist. When the Communist Revolution swept through Asia, the Buddhist Priest told the people that this is the will of Buddha, this is the will of the Gotmahs. This is what you must do and they broke down the resistance to Communism by calling on their surrender to it and the masses of Buddhist moved into it. The only place where they came to any resistance is when they got up into Tibet and there in Tibet, the living Buddha decided that it was kind of a challenge to his power and he resisted because he didn't want to lose control of his throne, but the general Buddhist program of all China sold out and even supplied the armies that marched against Tibet.

    I point out to you now this, that even in Rome a Power moves out of Switzerland. This man, my friends, is a part of the Illuminati. He's a dark and evil force. He's known as the BLACK POPE. I tell you this tonight because he is a sinister force that seeks to subordinate the entire Holy See to the will of organized World Illuminati control. He is given the credited power with the ability to assassinate at anytime any Papal ruler or leader that will not follow the advice which they give. This is a known factor among all groups of Catholic Clergy and there is a dreaded opposition upon the part of Catholicism against the Black Pope. I only mention this, not in any attack upon any Church that's in such a bad spot because we don't have any Black Popes inside of Protestantism, but we have had some of our unusual forces, which are equally as dangerous. After all, we have them in the Methodist Church and a number of other Bishops I can think of that I think belong in a similar category as far as their danger to the Protestant movement is concerned. After all, there's a Bishop Pike still in the Episcapal Church in San Francisco and there's still one over in England. This is only a small part of it. When you can gain these Masters of Mystery Religion and their influence can move into Union Theological Seminary and dictate books and prepare whole standards of instructions inside of a Protestant and a generally conceited Free Protestant Institution, I tell you it's time that the Christian Church woke up. I think it's time that we determine that the staffs of Christian Theological Seminaries, that none but Christian Scholars shall teach its students. I don't think you have got to get a Jew to interpret Hebrew or to interpret Greek, I don't think you have to go over to your enemy to get someone to interpret for you the doctrines of the Scripture which he is going to hodge-podge as much as possible to obscure the truth of your identity to sell his own lying story.

    When two weeks ago organized Jewry in this community launched a campaign over Television and then on the radio and press against you, they wanted you investigated as a Church and this pulpit for its preaching. Well, I don't know on what grounds you investigate somebody for preaching the Gospel on. No crime has been committed, there is no felony to which the Grand Jury has suspicion, there is nothing that is violating the law, IT'S THUS SAITH THE LORD. Now, in these United States, the Constitution declares that Congress can't make a law abridging Religion and they can't make any law concerning the establishment of the same. You are not something riding under false colors; you're a True Christian Church. In fact, your own Christian Church Foundations go back over fifteen years right in this very City and a great number of the other congregations go back farther than that. One congregation that we are personally pastoring on Sunday morning has been in existence for twenty-five years and so, my friends, it has been and is known and has been a Christian Church in all that period of time and has this Ministry been a Christian Ministry during that period of time, so we're not a bit disturbed about the threats of organized Jewry, but we know that the most powerful, sinister, character assassination organization in America is the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith which carries down in a Mysterious order their particular branch of this ancient penetration, the Illuminati of the so called Oriental Lodges of Masonry only now under the order of B'nai B'rith. In fact, some of these Lodges in Europe will interchange with B'nai B'rith Lodges and their Orders. Now, if you are a Blue Lodge Mason, don't go out of here tonight feeling that we're talking about you, because we're not. Every white man better be sure he has traveled the "Right Route" if he's a part of this Institution I'm going to tell you the day is going to come when there is not going to be a Jew in Masonry here or anywhere in the world. The day is going to come when there's not going to be any in the United States either because the Bible says so in the Book of Zechariah. Is the World Religion going to sweep the Western Powers? That question is one that is worrying a number of people. NO, because the speed with which the political beast moves is going to up-set a great amount of his strategy. It will be sermons like this one that will be replayed to over a million people in these United States that's going to kindle so many fires and is going to start so much reaction that it's not going to be safe to push forward evil to the attempt to suppress Christianity in these United States. We tell you it's only THE DECLARATION OF TRUTH THAT WLLL MAKE YOU FREE, and it's important that you understand these Sadistic Cults that move in a strange manner filled with strange and perverted and effeminate peoples have been founded in connection with these Mysteries of Darkness in Washington and they have sought to entrap as many foreign service representatives and high officials in Departments as possible. Sadistic cults in which they beat one another with whips in order to find the highest spiritual attainment an ecstasy of pain and they're being told by Illuminated Masters that this brings to them a share of the atoning factors for human error, try to even sell Christians on this. Let me tell you something. You know you don't have anything to atone for except your political mistakes. You say, what do you mean? There is nothing for you to atone for, Christ paid for it all. It took in one moment by His own assumption for this as God alone could do, all the errors, transgression and mistakes of your society and says there isn't anything you have to do about it, but just accept what I have done. These sadists are just a substitution of a strange pattern of sadism that moves into your society. People that are sadist will be also the cruelest tyrants that you ever had to deal with when they come into power. I don't have the time tonight to discuss the dangers of the strange beast influence connected with this which has influenced your Council on Foreign Relations which was a non Government Institute that finally has become a quasi Government Institution woven into Committees and to branches of your Government inside of the United Nations and World Organizations to which you still ascribe as a society and a Nation.

    SO, these things being true, we tell you that Mystery Babylon the Great is exactly what John, the Revelator saw as Jesus unveiled it to him and it's so skillfully a plot that a lot of people can't see what's going on because they don't expect the people carrying this out are walking around in business suits. They don't consider them on the Cabinet of the President or Presidents of Universities. They' still thinking of characters running around dressed up like the Assyrians and the Romans were two thousand or twenty five hundred years ago and they're not that way anymore because they are not selling those kind of suits, but their hearts haven't changed. Jesus said, you're going to measure up to the full measure of your fathers Just remember this. You say, is it important who I am and where I came from? Yes, it is important who you are and where you came from because you're going to make the full measure of your Father and, therefore, it is important that we understand this great LAW OF SPIRITUAL SEED. You couldn't fool Christ who was the omniscient wisdom and the all-wise God in His analysis of the individual behavior of the people that were before Him.

    I want you to know tonight this, which these Powers of Darkness talk a lot. THEY are going to hold a big convention right here in your City next month, did you know that? Did you know that all these forces that are waging war, that don't want any criticism, that want an aura of super-righteousness put around them while they wage war against your Nation and against your race, are going to have one of their super-conventions right here in Los Angeles. One of the things they are going to discuss ALL THE HATE GROUPS IN AMERICA THAT IS DISTURBING AND CREATING ILL-WILL AGAINST THEIR STRATEGIES AND THEIR DESIGNS. Someone said, what's this all about? Well, I'm going to tell you something, they're frustrated. You say, how can they be frustrated when all these things are going on? Because they don't know how to stop the waking up of white people, they don't know how to stop the preaching of the Gospel and they don't know how to suppress it. They don't know how to turn it off. They use to pull the key on a radio station, they use to blackmail its operators, they use to threaten businesses with the loss of supplies, raw materials or purchasing power would be deployed away from them through Unions and other groups, but they don't know how to stop the spreading of this message that reaches people all over the Nation because they don't know how to turn it off. They can't pull a master switch because we've got too many switches that will relay the truth.

    So, we tell you this tonight, Satan is at the same business he was at in the days of Christ and that's why it tells you here that they would like to deliver you through their Synagogues into the hands of the Magistrate, but we're going to deliver them into the hands of the Magistrate and they and their Synagogues can go to Israeli or they can go anywhere they want to in the world, but I'm going to tell you that the destroyers of America are going to discover that it's not the best place to remain inside of these United States as America wakes up.

    MYSTERY BABYLON is in America, MYSTERY BABYLON is in Europe, MYSTERY BABYLON is in Asia, it's in Africa, but it doesn't belong to you in your Civilization.

    What is Mystery Babylon? - Pastor Sheldon Emry

    What is Mystery Babylon?

    Front Cover
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    This is one of the best books that Pastor Ermy wrote. It is so relevant today, that it should be at the top of every Christians reading list.

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    Re: MYSTERY, BABYLON - what do you think it is?

    Cause of Confusion [2006] is a Bible study examining Nimrod's morbid desire to construct the tower of Babel alongside the many negative lessons that Christians can learn from this account today. Basically a double-pack containing two shorter sermons; "Cause and Effect" and "Ziggurat of Confusion" ( available at the Covenant People's Ministry website ), this half-hour lecture provides plenty of Biblical proof against "mixing" anything from textiles and seeds to people and livestock.

    coven29 | 2012

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