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Thread: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

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    Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    I have a fellow Christian Identist on my friends list on that stated in a comment on a video there to someone else that those who have blood type "O" have Mongoloid ancestors and those that have blood type "B" have Negroid ancestors.

    Here is a copy and paste of his exact comment:

    "If you are truly an Adamic woman and do not have type O blood Mongoloidic heritage or B blood Negroidic Heritage. There is a calling for you to repent to being a true racial Christian. A daughter of the House of Israel. Repent and be healed."

    I remember him asking me a while back what my own blood type was, but I was unable to answer him because I did not know. Actually I still don't know what it is, however, I plan on finding out as soon as I'm able to. I'm assuming blood type "AB" is also a tainted blood type if he is correct, because it has "B" in it. So, I guess that only leaves blood type "A" as the only one that signifies genetic white purity.

    I would like to know if what he stated in his comment is accurate. Does everyone with an O and/or B blood type have non-white ancestors? Is that an unfortunate certainty for whites with those blood types? Any and all information/help in better understanding this would be appreciated.

    Yahweh bless.

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    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    Interesting, I'd really like to see if this is true or not. Personally, I hope this is not true I myself have type "O"

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    Pastor Bill

    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    my type is A.

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    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    Quote Originally Posted by malachi83 View Post
    What blood type would a Jew have?? Mongoloid is mentioned and so is Negroid or what about Hispanic/latino/latina what blood type category would they be in?
    Assuming this info is accurate I would guess since jews and mestizos are both mongrels with white admixture they'd be "A" type with something else.

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    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    I'm A+

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    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    Quote Originally Posted by malachi83 View Post
    Where did this person get the idea that type O is for Mongoloids and type B is for Negroids???
    I sent him a message on not too long ago asking him if he could provide anything to varify that so, I'll let you guys know.

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    The Bible doesn't say by their blood shall you know them, it says by their fruits, so I'm unconvinced at this stage that blood is the ultimate arbiter of who's who and who's Jew. If it is, why doesn't the Bible simply advise us to conduct a blood test on each person to determine whether they belong in the congregation or not? Even though blood tests were unknown in biblical times, they are known now. Wouldn't the Scripture have foreseen this and told us to avail ourselves of this infallible proof of racial lineage?

    By the way, my blood type is w: White.

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    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    I mentioned on the first page of this thread that I was going to see what he himself had to say about all this and that I'd let you guys know so, here it is...


    "Authors Note: It was not that long ago (30 years ago )that this information was taught in school. In my sophomore year of high school biology class we were set to the task of heredity and blood types project in our class. We spent a week gathering information. First we had to as homework inquire with our families blood types as far as we could go on paternal and maternal sides of our family, we were told we could ask for marriage licenses (yes many states for years required blood typing and tests before a license could be issued, not the case anymore). When I inquired, my parents first response was a proud explosive response "We are solid A!" your grandparents and great grandparents as well on both sides of the family. I recorded this on my paper and at the end of the week we as students participated in the actual blood testing by using test cards. Sure enough I was "A" as my paper would predict. The majority of class was "O", but of course I went to school with a bunch of Mestizos and Slavs. I was taught by my biology teacher that my blood type demonstrated Anglo Saxon or European blood type. Sadly, I have come to realize that they do not teach this anymore in high school. I did not realize the significance until later in life when exposed to the Dual Seedline Christian Identity message in the 1990s.

    By the grace is commissioned by Jesus Christ the King and Lord to hunt down and seek out the children of Israel. Laboring exclusively for Christian Identity, KKK, neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups to divide, reform and to hone an elite military warrior force. For many of these groups have accepted what they deem as white, but not all are truly Adamic. There are wolves in sheep's clothing among them, more than they know. It is of the greatest hope to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the true Adamic Israelite White Race only.

    Working exclusively for the dual seed line Christian Identity message and working in the medical community for greater than 25 years. There is a little secret that some physicians know of. Let us keep in mind it all started somewhere and in order to get it, your ancestors had to have had it. It is that simple. Though this is not exhaustive, what is useful here is a simplified test to determine further racial characteristics to enforce the racial covenant message. Though one could go further with DNA testing to determine racial purity could be employed.

    Blood typing has been around for over 100 years and there has been an aggressive pursuit by the medical and anthropological scientific community to determine the origin of blood types. Blood typing scientific investigations now has determined the origin of blood types and which race of those, who carry these types. This is a very politically charged subject! Many researchers have pulled back from further investigation of race and blood relationships due to the political nature of the subject. Simplification of the subject can assist in determining Christian Identity racial identifiers.

    It is a politically incorrect subject on the surface of the medical community, but the facts are facts and even though it is not talked about in the open. Doctors make judgments based upon blood type information and race.

    Christians determine with visual characteristics to identify and profile a person based on race, such as skin, facial, skeletal, hair, eyes features etc. People who are identified as white, black or yellow and all of them in between, the blood cell is an identifier. Blood is a tissue just like skin that has distinguishable markers that irrefutably demonstrate racial characteristics indicative of that race. Even when one has a mixed lineage hundreds of generations back impress these markers into the blood cell.

    Blood type is purely inherited from your parents and your parents before them and so on and so forth from generation to generation. Researchers have found that the origination of blood type O the most common blood type on the planet at ranges from 54% to over 75% some statistics as high as over 80% of Earth’s population is Mongoloidic (meaning of the mongoloid racial stock – simply put the Asiatic race) in origin. This is a scientific fact based on indigenous or isolated Asian and American Mongoloidic peoples demonstrating 100% blood type O frequency among their populations. They were never exposed (breed with) to people with the A allele or B allele which are dominate alleles.

    The origination of the B allele is debated among researchers, that the origination is either among the Negroidic peoples of central Africa or Central Asia due to the high frequency rates in India up into central south Russia. The B allele is the least common among A allele and O allele, but is co-dominant with the A allele. Type A blood population has high type A blood concentration where the highest concentration in central, extreme northern Europe where the majority of the dispersed Israelites came to rest. A simplified deduction and extrapolation from the data ( establishes what is a simplified assignment to the original racial variable is Blood Type A origin is “Adamic.” Type B is “Black.” Type O is “Oriental.” (emphasis is added)

    A Caucasoid with genotype AA blood who marries a spouse that has AA blood cannot produce progeny with genotype AO, BB, BO, AB or OO blood types.

    Unfortunately, due to miscegenation, a person of any race can inherit any one of these pheno blood types. For thousands of years races of people have intermingled their blood and produced posterity crossing racial lines to inherit each other’s blood type. A Negro or a Mongoloid can inherit type A blood there is a genotype that is attached to it which could either be A, B, or O. Even though their genotype can contain the recessive gene for either O or B, that is why even though a mongoloid with phenotype A blood can marry a Caucasian Adamic person with genotype AA blood and come up with a child within a second generation with phenotype O blood due to the Mongoloid or Negro passing the recessive O allele down to its progeny. It is of interesting note that the Japanese before blood typing in the later 1800s desired to produce a superior racial Mongoloid by interbreeding with Caucasian stock. It was believed that whites were superior race upon the earth and by miscegenating with them would produce their superior Mongoloids. In the book The race, Resistance and the Ainu of Japan and The Discourse of Race in China which discussed trying to breed out the indigenous O blood types in Taiwan to domesticate them as O bloods are considered aggressive, and down right violent.

    O blood types are the carriers of disease, as they do not have the same immune systems. O bloods are the primary carriers of hepatitis (all variants) and H. pylori bacteria. O blood has a truncated defective protein and missing enzymes. O blood is void of nearly half the makeup of A blood type cells. It is also of note that when A bloods mix with B or O bloods higher frequencies of mental illness and hemolytic abnormalities.

    To simplify, a person who has type O blood that marries a person of pure type O blood can NEVER procreate posterity with genotype AA, AO, BB, BO or AB. To the Mongoloidic race this is so important that they have produced the ISIS Constitution. (we here at ICI are working on the project "Blood War" the attempt to wipe A blood from the earth)

    It is also possible for a supposed white (a person among the mainstream who is considered white but their blood contains the genetics even many generations deep of miscegenation and passes on those genetics). A person who has dominated A phenotype, but their genotype is AO blood who marries another perceived white person who has A phenotype and genotype (AO blood) can produce a child with type O blood and siblings can have type A or O.

    A pure Caucasoid Adamic white person with phenotype A and genotype A blood type (AA) who marries a person who has likewise the same phenotype and genotype type (AA) blood can never produce NEVER PRODUCE an OO, BB, AO, or AB blood type child. Their progeny will be AA.

    It is suggested through probability using what is called a Punnett Square predicting probabilities that AA blood can cross racial boundaries e.g.(A miscegenated Negro who inherits Green or Blue eyes from Caucasoid ancestry) as well as the simple charts below demonstrate. If racial traits cannot be determined from other external physical attributes and blood testing reveals AA blood, knowing direct linage blood typing of paternal and maternal a few generations deep as well as siblings can determine if a random frequency produced this. Also, more in-depth markers of blood testing can determine origination as well as genetic testing to find hidden markers.

    Though Type AA blood has the suggestion to cross-racial boundaries this does not negate or suggest that blood typing cannot determine racial identifiers. Blood typing is a tool to identifiy or further clarify a persons lineage when some doubt is in play due to confusion of face. Again, only true Adamic men and women have AA blood type. It is the original blood type for White Caucasoid Adamic peoples– if any other phenotype O or B, genotype O or B shows up, either by throwback or by current blood type, and then the bloodline is not pure Adamic.

    Unfortunately, almost half the European populations who by the secular categorization are considered white, but have phenotype O blood type, or AO genotype (AO genotypes will show dominant Blood Type A phenotype in tests only genetic testing can determine genotype or by progeny) this is due to migrations for thousands of years, dominance in war (It was a common war tactic for the dominating force to enslave, rape and attempts to breed out one’s enemy) and are the mongrelized offspring of the Asiatic Huns “O blood types” conquered much of northern Europe and dominated the female Adamic Whites and introduced the O allele into the gene pool of Northern Europeans. It should also be of note that many of the Celts intermarried with the Mongoloids in their travels and produced O allele carrying children who of today are difficult to distinguish from other white peoples (THE GREAT DECEPTION). That is why Ireland (“Wrath Land”) has a high amount of miscegenated mongrels of Negroid and Mongoloidic blood types even though they appear to be considered fair skinned. Of note, all Native Americans in the Americas are O blood type, as they are of the Mongoloidic stock, with the exception of some of the Northern American Blackfoot tribe near the borders of Canada and this is secondary to the miscegenation of the Mongloidic Amer-Indian with Adamic Caucasian explorers and then remaining endogamous to their territories they have high frequency A types and AO genotypes.

    There are many identifying factors in distinguishing people from among other people. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are Adamic pure seedline.

    Now, there are physical characteristics, which distinguish a race of people that were placed by God that have distinguishable characteristics separate from the other peoples of the earth. Our fair skin; the ability to blush (SHOW BLOOD {Blushing} IN THE WHOLE FACE – BOTTOM OF THE NECK TO THE TOP OF THE FOREHEAD). This is a distinguishing physiologic characteristic of an Adamic person.

    A pure Negro due to melatonin in their skin or a pure mongoloid due to albumin in their skin CANNOT BLUSH. This is a scientific fact. If they are mixed with Adamic blood they may partially be able to show erythematous patches on their cheeks etc.

    Unfortunately, through the millennia admixture has taken place and this is known as bastardization. Today, it is becoming more and more difficult to ascertain and determine what race an individual is and we call this “confusion of face” to separate and identify who are the Children of God to which the Spirit resides. As Christ commanded the disciples to only go unto the House of Israel and seek within who is worthy. It is genetic who can hear and see the message of the gospel. Though modern science has not caught up to the secrets of God we have the credence that God has written (implanted within the genetic code) in his Children’s hearts his laws and precepts. This is also another marker to look for when hunting Israel.

    The Children of the promises and the covenants to which the God of Israel has made these with. He did not make these covenants and promises to the whole world or to all inhabitants of the earth. He made these promises and covenants to the Children of Israel, the children of Abraham (not Ishmael), and the children/descendants of Adam through the direct lineage of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (all Adamic Ruddy Men of God as physically described in scripture. According to scripture and the Strong’s Concordance, there are there are three types of peoples on this earth from the very beginning; one, Adam Strong’s Concordance #120 – Ruddy, the ability to show blood in your face – the race of Adam. Two, ereb Strong’s Concordance # 6154 - a mongrel race, a mingled people, mixed multitude, to intertwine, woof. This is what is written, we did not create this. Three, the lineage of Cain, the offspring of Satan the adversary whose lineage is erased from the book of life; the serpent seedline sent to corrupt the seedline of Adam. Only Seth’s lineage is tracked throughout scripture. Then you have the beast of the field. These are the peoples that we were more than forbidden to miscegenate with – in fact, it is not miscegenation, it is beastiality, and a bastard in its correct original etymology means to degrade, to debase, to pollute, to corrupt.

    Conclusion– This is all very relevant in blood type and racial identification of the Children of the Covenant. Only pure Adamic Children of the Covenant will have AA blood genotype, as this is a scientifically founded fact that Adamic Caucasians have blood type AA. Christian Identity groups can cull of some of the wolves by a simply inquiring of its members phenotype blood markers such as AB, B or O as a definite marker of a non-Adamic bloodline. Using a simple blood test available at pharmacies can be used to show the displayable phenotype blood group such as A, B, O or AB."


    After that I responded with the following:

    Quote from: ICI on Feb 16, 2011, 08:42:05 AM

    It is genetic who can hear and see the message of the gospel.

    "That's a quote from the third to last paragraph. So, if I were to find out that I or someone related to me by blood has a blood type other than A that would mean that I'm tainted even though I myself have come to hear and see the message of the gospel? If that were to be the case, then how would you explain that? I'm pretty sure there are many CI adherents out there (and I could possibly be one of them) who have blood types other than A and/or who have blood relatives who have blood types other than A that do hear and see the message of the gospel and truly believe in it. So, what about those people? Should they automatically be excluded from the congregation and be deemed as unfit to be Christian Identists ... even though they have sincerely come to see and believe in the real truth of Yahweh and His Word?

    Because I can tell you with all honesty that I truly believe in it, which is why I go out of my way a lot to present it to fellow whites in the hopes that they come to see it as the real truth just as I have, and have also willingly dealt with a lot of aggravation and frustration in defending it too, but what if I or someone related to me by blood had a blood type other than A? I'm not saying I don't believe in what you presented above, because it could very well be the truth, but I'd like to know what your point of view or explanation would be on the aforementioned people in this particular post of mine."

    And here is his response to that...


    "Let us answer your statements.

    Let us get on some common ground.

    The Dual Seedline Christian Identity Message is a Racial Covenant Doctrine is it not?

    Let us break it down. Strong’s Concordance and Webster’s 1828 dictionary to complement the KJV

    Deut 23:2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

    Bastard - Hebrew – Mamzer – A mongrel.

    Mongrel –: Of a mixed breed; of different kinds. Webster’s 1828

    Gen 6:9 These [are] the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man [and] perfect in his generations, [and] Noah walked with God.

    Matt. 1:17 So all the generations from Abraham to David [are] fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon [are] fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ [are] fourteen generations.

    Col. 1:26 [Even] the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:

    Generations – Hebrew – toledaw – descent, family

    Generations – Greek – genea by implication age of persons or time or nation– derived from Strong’s 1085 “kin” offspring, stock

    Webster’s 1828 Family/descent 1. The collective body of persons who live in one house and under one head or manager; a household, including parents, children and servants, and as the case may be, lodgers or boarders.
    2. Those who descend from one common progenitor; a tribe or race; kindred; lineage. Thus the Israelites were a branch of the family of Abraham; and the descendants of Reuben, of Manasseh, &c., were called their families. The whole human race are the family of Adam, the human family.
    3. Course of descent; genealogy; line of ancestors.
    Go and complain thy family is young.
    4. Honorable descent; noble or respectable stock. He is a man of family.

    RACE - 1. The lineage of a family, or continued series of descendants from a parent who is called the stock. A race is the series of descendants indefinitely. Thus all mankind are called the race of Adam; the Israelites are of the race of Abraham and Jacob. Thus we speak of a race of kings, the race of Clovis or Charlemagne; a race of nobles, &c.

    Here is an expounded definition of race from Merriam Webster’s
    c : a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits.

    Do you not discern O’ racial Christian by observation the physical characteristics of a person to identity their RACE. Do you not look at skin, facial features, hair, eyes and skeletal traits to determine their classification. Likewise blood is a tissue just as skin and it has its identifying markers and attributes that can determine classification of race.

    Facts are Facts A blood is indicative of Caucasoid different from B blood and O blood in physical and genetic characteristics. B blood is indicative of the Negroidic dark races. O blood is indicative of the Mongoloid races
    Forensic science can take the smallest tincture of blood and identify the racial characteristics in an individual, even someone as misceginated as Obama who is AB and has Caucasoid and Negroidic heritage) and identify the racial markers within the blood cell without even looking at his image.

    Mat 25:32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth [his] sheep (Israel A bloods) from the goats (mongrels B, O, AB bloods):
    Mat 25:33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.
    Mat 25:34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

    Interesting notes
    Adolf Hitler A blood
    Ramses II B blood
    Shroud of Turin AB blood. Just like Obama - this has fueled to the Jewish secularists that Christ had Jewish Negrodic heritage.
    Ronald Regan and the
    The Bush Family O bloods"


    That's it for right now. By the way, this was all copied and pasted from a thread at Obadiah 1:18's CI site that I put up regarding the same subject so, if you guys would like to check it out then here's the link to the thread:

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    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?


    by Roger Pearson, M.Sc. (Econ)

    And Uzziah prepareth for them, for all the host, shields, and spears, and helmets, and coats of mail, and bows, even to stones of the slings. -- 2 Chron. 26:14

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    Re: Does racial lineage determine blood type?

    Anyone got any extra input on this?

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