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My guess is he realized much later than most that using "Aryan Nations" is cheesy and limits his audience.

Gulett can preach some powerful sermons when he steers clear of politics so this could possibly be good.
I would say Morris is right for doing this.when a average people think of the name Aryan nation they don't even think about Yahweh they think skinheads with baseball bats thanks to the media and a very few skinheads with baseball bats using the name.we need to get with the times as a whole.no disrespect to skinheads hope you guys do not take that the wrong way.i started out as a skinhead It's like "KKK=redneck." I don't think that but the average person will and they will not take our message seriously.the old klan of a feternal Christian brotherhood is dead.there are too meany people using the name and not knowing what it means or really anything about the way of the old klan the few good guys unfortunately don't have a chance At revival of the klan.