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Thread: Congrats Pastor Visser

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    Congrats Pastor Visser

    Congrats Brother and may Yahweh continue to Bless you and yours.

    - Brian

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    The 'V' in "Visser" stands for "Victory" today!

    Praise Yahweh for His faithfulness! He is our rock and our fortress and our deliverer!

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    Pastor Bill

    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    I have been praying for your family through all of this.

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    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    Hail victory.

    Touch not God's annointed!

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    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    I'm still somewhat in the dark about the issues that have been burdening Pastor Visser and his family, however, I'm glad to hear that he has apparently overcome them. May Yahweh God continue to bless Pastor Visser and his family.


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    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    Praise Yahweh!

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    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    Pastor Visser will be explaining recent events on the Voice of Christian Israel show at 12 noon EST @

    Callers welcome – see you there.

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    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

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    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    Amen. Congratulations Pastor Visser. I was so relieved it all went well. Iv'e just listened to your talk with Eli and I'm speechless. How can people behave in that way toward their own?. I hope they know Yahweh has reserved special judgement for such people.

    My family and I send you all our love and very best wishes. We're overjoyed.

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    Re: Congrats Pastor Visser

    I listened to the recording. I'm sorry about the things that happened to you, Pastor Visser, but I'm delighted Yahweh saw fit to exonerate you.

    A lot of good things have been happening in the past few days: Eli testified in a court on behalf of a brother, and the defendant got off... and Mad Marty has been exposed as an actual jew. Bill Finck's christogenea broke the 100,000 top website barrier. The awakening process is beginning, praise Yahweh!

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