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Thread: Tomorrow's Oz Federal Election

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Tomorrow's Oz Federal Election

    The Australian League of Rights recommends that all Oz patriots write "reduce immigration" on the top of both ballot papers. I wrote "NO MORE NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION", which is more to the point, because we don't want to reduce white immigration; I always cast an absentee vote before the election to avoid the long queues on polling day. If you fill in the requisite boxes and write your message in the blank space at the top of each ballot paper, then by law they have to accept your vote.

    P.S. If after all of the abominable things that politicians have done and will continue to do to Australia, you still feel the need to vote Labor, Liberal, or (Yahweh help us!) Green, please shoot yourself in the head immediately. You'll be doing your country a great service.

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Tomorrow's Oz Federal Election

    After yesterday's federal election, Australia currently has what's called a hung parliament. This simply means that at this stage of the game it's uncertain which political party will take office, since the election results thus far are pretty much even-steven. Maybe a hung parliament is Yahweh's wry way of telling white Australians what our sell-out, jew-loving politicians ought to be.

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Tomorrow's Oz Federal Election

    Well, apostate Australia got the government and the Prime Minister it deserved, with Labor remaining in power and commie lesbo Julia Gillard holding onto her position as the nation's leader. How far has this country fallen for a lesbian to be its prime minister? Bad enough that she's a woman, let alone a dyke. Gillard is a member of a group that is aggressively pro-abortion, so she has child murder to add to her long list of sins.

    As Australia further descends into godlessness, all manner of natural and man-made disasters will beset it and, inevitably, like all great white civilizations that staunchly refused to turn to Yahweh, it will be invaded and destroyed by non-whites. History repeats itself because white man is a repeat offender.


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