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    Re: Christian Music Thread?

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    I love Christian music sung by Israelites. I found this one while searching Youtube. It applies to the People of the Bible whether the songstress knows it or not:

    Isaiah 54 put to music.
    I'll have to listen to that when it won't wake anybody up...I've always enjoyed Gregorian chanting in particular and well all kinds of good religious music, especially the good old-fashioned hymns we used to sing... I've caught a lot of flack for enjoying old darkie spirituals as well, which I don't see why, it's no worse than watching them tapdance, lol.

    Anyway I feel like I should add something to thread, and I've always loved Dolly, so...

    edit: ugh, ignore the darkies in the video. :( I didn't see that at first, I've been listening to the song for a while but never saw the video. Bet you some juden put that in there....
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