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Thread: HELLO (post a greeting or welcome new members)

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    Re: HELLO (post a greeting or welcome new members)

    Quote Originally Posted by captainbanannahead View Post
    Hello to all.
    Like this Forum it is easy to view and navigate. Learning a lot already only after a few visits. looking to learn more Of Identity and many new things not just spiritual in nature but anything folks here wish to share. Perhaps I can have something worthy of posting in the future myself.
    Also I only have a KJV Bible and honestly haven't ever read it much but still I have found myself here, anyhow I do know its flawed translation is there any other translation in English much closer to the original tongues? and a bit easier to follow correctly since it would be a better translation??? was just wondering about that as I didn't want to start out on the wrong foot so to speak and get confused any more than I am at the moment on lots of things. ( personal messages are fine even emails if anyone doesn't wish to reply here as this may the incorrect place to post the second part)
    thanks and nice to see people here.
    - Dennis
    Welcome, Dennis!

    If you have any questions just ask.

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    Hi from Austria (Am i allowed to post here)?

    by Sol (Posted Mon, 03 May 2010 00:49:41 +0000)
    Be sure to swing by the main CPM forums @

    Very few post over here these days.

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    Hi from Austria (Am i allowed to post here)?

    by superinternetman (Posted Wed, 05 May 2010 08:47:28 +0000)
    thanks for telling me. i registered and await moderation

    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Re: Hi from Austria (Am i allowed to post here)?

    Greetings. I see you already introduced myself from the other forum. Thanks. This forum is good. I like the layout of this forum. And thanks for quick activating of my account!

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    Pastor Bill

    Re: HELLO (post a greeting or welcome new members)

    I'm here from the other board too.

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    Re: HELLO (post a greeting or welcome new members)

    CPF users,

    All accounts with zero posts are deleted after 90 days.

    This is a perfect thread for letting us know you’re not a ‘bot.

    Yah bless!
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    Hail Kinsman From Texas

    Hello my Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Henry, I was once part of Aryan Nations Revival, I was the founder of the United Identity Church of Christ. I have been a Identity Christian for almost all my life. I'm just a man here to spread the word of Yahweh to his people.
    Trust in Yahweh with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths for life.

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    Re: Hail Kinsman From Texas

    Welcome, Henry! We're glad you're here.
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    Pastor Bill

    Re: Hail Kinsman From Texas

    Welcome to the new and improved CPM forum Brother.

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    Re: Hail Kinsman From Texas

    Quote Originally Posted by AryanForYHWH View Post
    Hello my Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Henry, I was once part of Aryan Nations Revival, I was the founder of the United Identity Church of Christ. I have been a Identity Christian for almost all my life. I'm just a man here to spread the word of Yahweh to his people.
    Brother Henry! It's good to see you're still fighting the antichrist after all we've been through.

    Not to divert from your thread but this landed in my mailbox yesterday, I think you might find it interesting.

    This is directed to all that receive this message. I am glad to see that Faber is openly letting everyone know that he has taken money from the FBI and is now looking for INTEL on high ranking officials in the Aryan Nations. As everyone knows I am also a General as per Pastor Butler and Pastor Redfearin, but in this day and time rank is just a title. Faber needs to fade into the mist or should I say Canadian Mist. Jay you are nothing but a disgrace to our cause and the the White Race. Before you sit and ask openly for Intel on us please feel free to contact me personally since you will not answer my phone calls. Remember Jay we are always watching and there is always consequences for every action you do. Oh and by they way Jay I am a personal witness to your excommunication by Pastor Butler, August Kreis, and Pastor Redfearin.

    Bradley Jenkins
    Ambassador at Large
    Aryan Nations
    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: [FWD: Fw: Hail Victory]
    Date: Mon, May 10, 2010 7:02 am

    WHAT THE ****????????????????

    Aryan Nations/Church of Jesus Christ Christian

    Paul Mullet National Director
    P.O. Box 394
    Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

    Hail Victory

    --- On Mon, 5/10/10, Ray Larsen <> wrote:

    From: Ray Larsen <raylarseniw@***.net>
    Subject: Fw: Hail Victory
    To: "Mike McQueeney" <kigy1488@***.com>, "Ikh Lawrence Grant" <ikl.lawrencegrant@***.com>
    Date: Monday, May 10, 2010, 6:25 AM

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: Jay Faber <pastorjayfaber@***.com>
    To: obrien1488 <obrien1488@***.com>; crweeks76@***.com; Ezekiel Christianson <thechurchofjesuschristkinsman@***.com>; Pastor Visser <cpm_visser@***.com>; Clark Patterson <laslo@***.net>; Eli James <eli-james@***.net>; raylarseniw@***.net
    Sent: Mon, May 10, 2010 5:08:06 AM
    Subject: Hail Victory

    Confidential.... Do Not release.......

    Despite all of the termoil and the issues created during the formation of the Aryan Nations Revival, two major goals have been acomplished....

    Unknown to us at the time, the FBI paid for myself and Pastor Visser to preach to over 109,000 people... See, we finally got something for our tax dollars... Despite my unfortunate association with Hal Turner, it was the most productive era of Pastor Butler's continueing ministry... It is my understanding, according to news paper articles from Brazil, realting to Hal Turner's trip to Brazil with members of the National Alliance, he was given $10,000,000 in Brazilian currency, [$450,000 USD] by some Sheik, for the Islamic Fundamentalists living in the next town over from Hal's residence... He stiffed them, and kept the money... The SPLC has copies of the E-mails from Hal Turner to the FBI about this meeting, posted....

    I hope Hal Turner wins his case, and is set free... For a few days..... Jihad... Enough said...'
    If Incarcerated, I doubt that the Aryan Brotherhood, or the Nation of Islam are going to vouch for him... Enough Said...
    Have you ever heard of the baseball term, "Being in a Pickle?"

    Operation "Kreis Killer" is an absolute success, now that the jEws and fEds have Paul Moulie and Mohel Lindstedt to support, Augustus Kreisburger is no longer of value to them... Kreis was a legitimate claim to the Aryan Nations Name, until he was of no worth to the enemy.....

    I still think of Visser as a great preacher, but also tempermental, a trait he must overcome, but he was a key part of this success....

    I want us all to relate our past sucess, and look at what is in the future.... Mohel Lindstedt is a self cleaning oven, the jEws support him because he is easy to destroy because of his history, between his stay at Sigmond Freud's Hilton, and his charge of sexual molestation of his own grandson, [as mohel], not a threat......

    This rise of Paul Moulie has jEw written all over it, and as Laslo Patterson stated, it was Johnathan Williams, the Pre-Pubescant Senior Pastor of the "Aryan Nations" that brought him in.... The first time Patterson met Moulie, all Moulie talked about was bombs, and targets, like the day that I met Mike Reed, and since he claimed to be a special forces paratrooper, I out-ranked him, and ordered him to jump off of an 11 foot trailer, safely... He refused, and I demanded of Ray Redfeairn, to "dismiss" Reid...

    Redfeairn declined after the whining, and regretted his decision.....

    Here is what we know.....

    Paul Moulie was William's "gift"

    After our CIAN report, including witnesses from Stout's family, the NSM leadership, and our own experiences, Laslo Patterson kicked in with the Holy Grail of evidence that Moulie was in fact a traitor.....

    My Knowledge:

    Bradley Jenkins is now Moulkie's "AmbASSador" after claiming loyalty to me and being rightfully shunned....
    Moulie ranked Jenkins "General" which is an insult to me, since I am the only living Aryan Nations member ranked General by Pastor Butler...

    Mike McQueeney... "General", yes, he did break Geraldo's nose, he is simply an idiot, that joined the Aryan Nations to promote his Wisconsin Klan, that he formed when his daughter married a nigger... He was on the Larry Elder show, kissing that nigger's ass, and ever offered to take Elder out for a beer, because he "really wasn't a nigger"....

    Williams.... I know he is part of this, because it was Williams that set in motion the southern states against the ANR to form the United Identity Church of Christ, and after Williams set Traitor Stout in motion, realized that he could never return.... Sending the authority to August Kreisburg's "Identity" man in North Carolina.... Aparently, despite my 24 years of Identity training, and at the time, 9 years of Pastoralship, Stout was offered a higher position with Moulie and Williams, than I would allow....

    I need intel on:
    Paul Mullet
    Bradley Jenkins
    Mike McQueeney

    Please send this all directly to:

    Please check out the latest progress on our series, "Great jEws of History"

    The reason why the jEws still fear the Aryan Nations, is because the Aryan Nations was designed to be foremost, the Army of Ezekiel 37, and secondary, we look at all mud races as insignifigant, and concentrate on the real problem, the jEw.......

    We were obviously doing everything right, or the jEws would not have done everything to shut us down, but we have Yahweh on our side, and now they once again revert to the protacalls of zion, if you cannot beat it, lead it....

    Herod [Moulie] has been appointed by Babylon as ruler, and Israel is not going to tolerate it....
    Be assured, as Yahweh is my witness, Moulie will be destroyed........

    Pastor Faber
    Aryan Nations General [Last Remaining Ranked by Pastor Butler]

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