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Thread: Attack on the USS Liberty

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    Attack on the USS Liberty

    The incident occurred on June 8 1967 during the Israeli Six Day War. There was much turmoil in America at that time. The Vietnam war was raging and rioting was occurring all over the country. This made it easy for the story to be suppressed. If you are not familiar with the attack. I would encourage you to research it for yourselves. I have enclosed a video that was uploaded in 2015. Much more information has come out since then.

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    Re: Attack on the USS Liberty

    One of the earlier group interviews that inspired the 4 part documentary series "Sacrificing Liberty" to be premiered this Friday/ Saturday.

    View this interview now detailing the horrific ordeal they lived through - God would not let this ship sink by a false flag "Star of Remphan" attack ! ✡

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    Re: Attack on the USS Liberty

    God bless white patriots who care about contributing to Western civilization in all ways for little praise. News and information specifically. To non whites and women its a convenient choose;

    To white men its shaming and harassment for not contributing to society. Society does not respect the white mans suffering and contribution to civilization.

    Just think about it the USS Liberty had a majority of blacks or the slightest numbers of women. Would the media refuse to report the story. WE white guys move mountains for this anti white society; praise and free gifts to the black man for moving a stone pebble for the slightest suffering and effort.

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