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Thread: BLM protests Thomas Robb

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    BLM protests Thomas Robb

    BLM protesters troop through 'America's most racist town': Demonstrators march to entrance of KKK national director Thomas Robb's private Arkansas compound as armed local residents watch them file past

    Arkansas Black Lives Matter protesters traveled to Zinc, Arkansas, to march on the Ku Klux Klan's Grand Wizard's hometown and compound Sunday.

    The protest comes just four days after a viral video labeled nearby Harrison, Arkansas, as being 'America's Most Racist Town' and the 'Ku Klux Klan's headquarters.'

    The KKK's website claims its national headquarters to be in Harrison and that its national director, Thomas Robb, uses at least three post office boxes there, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

    Sunday's protest was organized by Bridge the Gap NWA and also promoted by Ozarks Hate Watch, drawing Black Lives Matters protesters from as far away as Branson and Springfield.

    The protesters met at the Harrison Police Department before traveling in a caravan towards Zinc, according to 40/29 News.

    Along the road to Zinc, the protesters' caravan passed people holding signs that read 'Turn back,' according to photos shared on Ozarks Hate Watch's Facebook page.

    Once in Zinc, the group posted pictures of armed men - some in military-style fatigues - standing in front of cars blocking a dirt road to Robb's compound.

    'Militia blocking the road to the Klan Compound,' Ozarks Hate Watch's photo caption states, apparently referring to the road that leads to Robb's Zinc home. 'Too bad they didn't realize we had no intention on going to his compound.'

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    Re: BLM protests Thomas Robb

    Zinc has around 103 Residences according to 2010 consensus... Means they will send this vermin anywhere to protest. Not just big cities.

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    Re: BLM protests Thomas Robb

    Very good news piece Erik. Made me think. I would like to add my opinion to say the concept of white racial idenitists who stay out of politics and nationalism have maintained orderly lives for a long time. Never read stories of never ending legal problems from White Christian men that avoid drama of the worlds political ways.

    Oh the emotional pain of watching others go though chaos in the multicultural hell now a days. Makes you want to get involved with the world!!!!

    The ministries sermon God of Politics is very good on the subject. White well being and security is not about arguments with the Godless. Women as well as men need to accept their limitations on their emotional character limits.

    Staying away from MSM is a good survival tactic.
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    Re: BLM protests Thomas Robb

    Stay strong stay solid boys. Just defend yourselves. These idiots are looking for trouble.

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