I remember when the Pastor warned about the border wall being used to keep our people inside not to keep illegals out of the country. Very good observation.
Here is a example of my experience on the issue. Back 30 + years ago. Firing of white managers and replacing them with so called minorities was common being backed by civil right act of 1965. Continued Desegregation of neighborhoods for whites was also common. The ability of whites to group together was being discouraged daily.
Would building a wall reverse these past threads???? Would white people be less fearful of being financially or socially destroyed from wealthy SWJ for associating with each other be stopped by building a wall?? Would government mass incarceration from massive laws from drugs, violence, terror or speech be reduced by building a wall???
To me more questions than answers! Is the political issue of building a wall to keep illegals out of the country a mental gymnastics way of explaining a very fearful reality that nobody whats to think about?