Used to have several books by Thomas Dixon, Jr. found at old library sales, or used book-sellers. He was the author who wrote the book that inspired "Birth of a Nation" that later inspired the movie "Gone with the Wind".

He was an inspiration to me in my early 20s, since he wrote a bit about his personal history, careers, philosophy and reasons for writing. His advice and stories have stuck with me and was very influential in shaping my early world-view.

He was a Son of the South who grew up right after the end of the war between the states (aka the so-called "civil war") and his books deal with the realities of what people went thru there, socially, politically, religiously, etc. What struck me about the man himself is he said he waited till he had a full life before writing his novels: 1st he was a preacher, then a statemen, before becoming an author, and the books reflect this depth. One was almost partially auto-biographical and after you read a few you see a lot of his own life-experience shape his stories.

His socialism trilogy is still the best I've ever seen, as only novels can illustrate these issues working out in people's lives. They've been proven to be prophetic and accurate how pervasive its poison has infected America even back in his day. You can see his warnings, now, as 100% accurate prophesies with today's hind-sight.

Anyway, these books have been digitized, the original pictures preserved and converted into e-books. If you ever need some "light reading" that is both entertaining, inspiring and educational that will keep one's imagination engaged I highly recommend his books to home-schoolers, young adults and even retired people looking to unwind from all the horrors fulfilled in today's news.

Books by Dixon, Thomas, Jr. (sorted by popularity):

The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan Jr. Thomas Dixon 247 downloads
The Victim: A Romance of the Real Jefferson Davis Jr. Thomas Dixon 60 downloads
The Leopard's Spots: A Romance of the White Man's Burden—1865-1900 Jr. Thomas Dixon 57 downloads
The Traitor: A Story of the Fall of the Invisible Empire Jr. Thomas Dixon 56 downloads
The Fall of a Nation Jr. Thomas Dixon 43 downloads

Comrades: A Story of Social Adventure in California Jr. Thomas Dixon 38 downloads
The Root of Evil Jr. Thomas Dixon 30 downloads
The Foolish Virgin Jr. Thomas Dixon 29 downloads

The Man in Gray: A Romance of North and South Jr. Thomas Dixon 25 downloads
The Southerner: A Romance of the Real Lincoln Jr. Thomas Dixon 24 downloads
The Sins of the Father: A Romance of the South Jr. Thomas Dixon 22 downloads

The One Woman: A Story of Modern Utopia Jr. Thomas Dixon 19 downloads

A Man of the People: A Drama of Abraham Lincoln Jr. Thomas Dixon 13 downloads