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Thread: Wedding Venue Refuses Interracial Couple

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    Wedding Venue Refuses Interracial Couple

    Mississippi wedding venue refuses to rent to engaged interracial couple because the owners say 'it's against our Christian beliefs to do mixed race and gay weddings'

    Boone's Camp Event Hall would not rent out a wedding space to the black groom-to-be and his white fiance

    LaKambria Welch, sister of the groom, paid the venue a visit and posted a video on Facebook of her conversation with a woman believed to be the owner

    The white woman explains that Boone's reserves the right to refuse service to gay and interracial couples

    She said: 'We don't do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race... I mean our Christian beliefs'

    State records indicate Boone's is managed by David and Donna Russell, who both live in Booneville, Mississippi

    Nice to see others know the Bible is against race mixing and take a stand...

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    Re: Wedding Venue Refuses Interracial Couple

    God bless the remnant who cares about a society where your blood pressure and nerves are not stirred up. In days of old main stream churches used to be places of godly order not Jewish police stations.
    Heck; Con servatives make up theories that are crazy. Inter racial marriage and civil rights ect... act are just un- godly chaos.

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    Re: Wedding Venue Refuses Interracial Couple

    Good job, who needs these demons among us.

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