'It's an ethical violation': American Medical Association makes rare political move by SUING North Dakota to block two new anti-abortion laws"
4 Jul 2019

"The American Medical Association - usually on the sidelines in controversial, political debacles - has waded into the debate over abortion access by suing to block anti-abortion laws in North Dakota.

The group, representing all board-certified physicians in the US, said it now feels compelled to get involved to prevent 'ethical violation[s]'.

It is doing so by suing the state of North Dakota, where, as of August 1, doctors will be obliged to tell patients that medical abortions can be reversed.

The group is also suing to block another law, ordering doctors to tell any women considering an abortion that they will be terminating 'the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.'

AMA President Patrice Harris slammed the first law as 'a patently false and unproven claim unsupported by scientific evidence'.

He said the second 'unconstitutionally forces physicians to act as the mouthpiece of the state.'

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