By experience and personal passion. In my opinion. A society anywhere you live is defined by the laws or rules. Being outside the narrative of desegregation of white civilization. A man will be considered a blabber mouth or not moving along fast enough to get to the point.(( hurry up man work with the niggers or quit this job; Mexicans out of the question not a chance of staying employed long or at all)
With hate speech laws by and for Jews and non whites;; is risk of going though hellish court trail to earn a honest living worth it? Whether its trucking, preaching, labor, legal ect...
I just have to work with system to keep from destitution. So sad for the anger filled frustrated younger generation of white people in my country. My respect goes out to the younger generation of whites who defend the USA and do the real hard work.
Thanks CPM for the forum. Happy fourth of July.