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Thread: Domestic violence for protection of women manipulated

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    Domestic violence for protection of women manipulated

    Real hard not to notice that non whites in law enforcement have clearly become white knights ( pretending to protect women and children) to isolate white men and women from each other. Occupation is a hard reality to accept. In my opinion.
    For Example; where I live you have to walk on pins and needles in public to avoid political incorrect talk or actions for that matter. White guys who played white knights in the past are more and more being replaceable now a days ;; the me too movement proves it.

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    Re: Domestic violence for protection of women manipulated

    This observation in the Yahoo news Comment section seems appropriate here:

    "Syphax yesterday
    ANTIFA fights for our Brave New World:
    Audiences cheering for 10 year old drag queens, boys in drag leading LGBT parades, championing Bruce in drag on Vanity Faire, Jazz, Desmond is Amazing...,, Sexual filth and gender fetishism run riot in this country and NONE OF IT has been advanced on us by the “oppressive” Patriarchy of yesteryear. ALL OF THIS GARBAGE has happened since the political empowerment of hormonal emotionalism, since the political equality of women. Every great nation in history that has rotted away from internal societal decay had ALWAYS achieved its most culturally feminine state in it’s dying years. Feminine empowerment is always achieved in the cultural death throes of a society. There is a direct correlation between men creating great nations and women subverting them and ruining them, and we need to recognize it. Today’s newly minted, college indoctrinated, Leftist witches sing the sad song of “toxic masculinity” when feminist politics brings cultural tolerance of absolute sexualist filth that reaches down now to touch even our children in our public schools. You can’t put enough lipstick on the pig of feminine politics to make it pretty. And hormonally cuckolded ideas like “toxic masculinity” or “Patriarchy” don’t address the absolutely horrific, poisonous cultural sewage draining down the face of our nation that is modern feminist politics, which is a thousand times more rotten, a thousand times more corrosive, a thousand times more stomach churning."

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