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Thread: How could other white people be so weak

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    How could other white people be so weak

    In Psychology. A term of people who collaborate with a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath are are called flying monkeys. A Flying monkey is a term for people under the influence of rumors, games or trash talk of the narcissist. Are there any hope the masses of white people will get back bone and integrity to live and do right?????

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    Re: How could other white people be so weak

    Tares in the wheat. Not all racial Israelites are chosen of god. However even the worst of these can repent if they want to. Most won't.

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    Re: How could other white people be so weak

    isn't the job of the prophet one of covenant prosecutor to the 'will' of the testator of the better covenant (heb 1)?
    if there was a change in priesthood (from levitical to melchizedek) does that not necessitate a change in the "law" also?
    if there was an "end" to the "law that was added" by an end to the levitical priesthood, how does the melchizedek priesthood by the adopted sons of abba in heaven carry out the 'overcoming' mandate over this present darkeness? if "love" is the currency, and love is obedience to the law, then isn't 'peacemaking' an end to all resistance to obedience to the law? if the govern authorities are supposed to be a terror to 'evil-doers', law-breakers and "dogs" outside the kingdom of heaven, what has the 'body' of the anointed "king of kings" done to discipline those posing as "authorites" in obedience to abba-creator's law-word?
    if one must obey elohim (God) rather than man, and be a royal priesthood of a set apart nation, where are the soldiers wielding the spiritual weapons of holy war for restoring the peace (i.e. end of all resistance) to the judgment of the cross against all in the world?
    with the fellowship of way-showers

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