Hiya brothers in Christ! I have been watching RT's feeds of the yellow vest protests in France with much excitement as I am sure many here have as well. It seems the indeginous French are actually taking the fight to the street on these new world order satanic globalists. However I have begun to notice many left wing flags in much of the crowd. Also the talk of 'Black Bloc'. There is also an abundance of Che Guevera flags and even some communist flags.

I find it most amusing that these anarchists and communists that have joined nationalists against Macron are more or less the same as Macron. Only difference is Macron is a capitalist. So these reds are basically saying, let's end French capitalism in favor of French socialism or communism. By that I mean multi-cult. Not like National Socialism. At best civic national socialism.

If the likes of Black Bloc were to seize power in France. The country would barely change. The only difference being huge taxes for the middle or upper classes and lots of entitled ninnies running wild. In addition any invader Macron was paying police to watch would be given free housing and all the rest. More hellspawns than before! It doesn't sound very cultured but sometimes one has to express oneself and the way I chose is 'what a shower of twats'.

Obviously there is a mix in the Yellow Vest. But mark my words if they do overthrow Macron, the replacement will be a hard-line antifa commie. The likes of which Europe has never seen. It is very possible that the Gilet Jaune are in fact tools in a larger plot to subvert the hated Macron. Then he get's a free flight to Tel Aviv and a hand picked hardline lefty takes over. If this theory I am describing has any truth that might also explain the magnitude of the protests and the lack of any real police or military action to stop it.

ORDO AB CHAO - The all seeing eye of lucifer, this translates to English as 'Order through Choas'. Whoever is most organised after this choas is in a very good position to seize power. We and our French comrades need to be aware of this danger, should Macron be deposed. We will need to secure the power and not the left. It is a joke those left antifa are involved to be honest. Whatever solution they have it will be about as useful to the well being of white folks as a chocolate teapot.