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    Star of Remphan

    AryanChristianIsraelite e-mailed me some of his thoughts recently. I thought they warranted a new thread to explore further. This is what he wrote:

    Tonight I think I made a breakthrough in the study of Revelations 13.

    We know the 2 beasts are the Catholic Church and then the Illuminati.

    Illuminati bankers are the second beast which healed the deadly wound of the first beast. The dragon which is also mentioned as a third persona is Satan himself.

    But there are 3 other important parts to understand. All 3 are different, but connected.

    1. The mark of the beast
    2. The image of the beast
    3. The number of his name (also the number of a man, which is 666)

    The mark of the beast is liberalism, racial equality, etc. which we must all accept IN our right hand (our deeds) and IN our foreheads (our minds) or we cannot buy or sell.

    The image of the beast is NOT the TV!!!!!
    The image is described as an image of the first beast which is made by the second beast. An image is like an idol, or shrine that symbolizes something else (the first beast)

    The first beast was not just the Catholic church, but it was false religion masquerading as the true religion (Christianity). It is the false prophet described in other verses. There are many false prophets described throughout the Bible, but there is also one MAJOR false prophet described in other prophesies as well. Search your bible for this term and look at the results found in the prophetic books mainly. l need to learn more about THE false prophet (singular).

    So the False Prophet once took the form of the Catholic Church (the first beast). But the false prophet is false religion in general and can also take other forms, the most dangerous form is the form that pretends to be the true religion (Christianity).

    What is the form of Christianity today that is the most corrupted, most well financed, most powerful form in all the world? It is Christian Zionism, not the Catholic church.

    When the second beast (Illuminati Rothschild bankers) resurrected the first beast (Catholic church) they merged into one. The Catholic church today banks all its wealth with the Rothschild’s and supports the state of Israel.

    So now, this image unto the beast is Christian Zionism. And the beast itself is both Catholicism and Israel (Rothschild bankers/Zionism). Christian Zionism worships Zionism. Just like an idol image of Baal is made it order to worship Baal, it is an image of Baal, Christian Zionism is an image to Israeli Zionism.

    The number of his name (666) - which is also the number of a man - needs some more work. The Star of David (i.e. star of Remphan NOT David) on the Israeli flag between the two horizontal blue lines (the Euphrates and the Nile). That star has 6 corners, 6 sides and 6 triangles = 666. But there are also other examples of this number in many other places and 666 could represent one, or all of these examples. Plus, who is the man this number belongs to. Is the pope, the anti-Christ?

    Is the anti-Christ even biblical?
    If so, is the anti-Christ more likely to be a new pope, or the coming messiah that the Jews have been waiting for ever since they rejected Jesus Christ. These Zionist Jews openly talk about the coming of their (false) messiah. This messiah, it seems, is going to rule the world from Jerusalem ushering in the final stage of the New World Order (Jew World Order). But surely Christians won’t worship him too and obey him, as the Jews claim they will? The Jews claim the whole world will obey him. The only way that might happen is if this false messiah claims to be the true messiah (i.e. claims to be Jesus Christ).

    Some food for thought.
    I think the anti-Christ will be the fake Jewish messiah they are waiting for. I do not think it will be some new Pope. Christian Zionism is the new false prophet. Although the catholic church was resurrected it does not have the power or wealth of the Zionist bankers. The bankers have a power far greater than the support of 1 billion poor, 3rd world Catholics too. They have the support of the minds and money of 100 million Christian Zionists in America, plus the world banking system and the US military which is bigger than every other military on earth combined. It is the Christian Zionists that pay for that military however, plus countless public and private donations to Israel annually.

    They worship Israel, their new Christ, every Sunday in their churches. I don’t think they will have a hard time, even to accept a modern Israeli man as their messiah when the time comes. If the beast is the Illuminati Rothschild bankers then the "number of his name" (the number of the beasts name) will be closely connected to that beast. The beast being the State of Israel / The Rothschild bankers / The Deep State that rules the US government from within. So the number of his name, 666, could very well be connected to the star of David. If the beast is the state of Israel and the flag of Israel has 666 on it, then the star of David is the number of his name. It is the number of the state of Israel. The number of the beast.

    There could be other options here, but so far this one seems the most likely. The most commonly seen flag in America, after the American flag is the Israeli flag. The Christian Zionists are waving it in the churches, on their necklaces, the top US politicians display it continuously in public places. It’s everywhere.

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    Re: Star of Remphan

    For those who may not know…

    King David was Never associated with a star…

    Amos 5:26 But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

    Acts 7:43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

    Both these verses are referring to the star on the flag of Israel…


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