40. Just being White and physically born in this world means you’re born again/born from above, etc.

-False. I think many struggle to understand the born again/born from above concept. It’s basically a difference between the flesh and Spirit. Being born in the flesh is only the first step. Now, obviously the generations of Adam each have a spirit. Since the next age is the spiritual age the only ones who will be in it are those who have a Spirit (the White race). Each of us will either be in the Kingdom or thrown in the lake of fire with Satan, Nephilim, the angels that fell, etc. Now, that Spirit can either be led by God or Satan. The Bible says we have to get rid of the old sinful man. That is the man that lives in the flesh and does the works of the flesh. The new man does works of the Spirit. Having God impart his Spirit in us is what separates us from nonbelievers.

On a side note: Obviously, God knew us from before the foundation of the Earth and he predestined those which will be in the Kingdom. Those who are chosen will be the ones that God imparts his Spirit with.