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Did not mean to describe my opinion vaguely.

Our racial kinsmen would be better off if our families were more aware of the racial genocide being waged against them. Hiding in delusion or work is what fear does our people. Be a lot easier to migrate places where darkies are fewer in number;; if all our families face the truth..

The situation of less and less living space year after year for our race is scary.

In the USA; the democrat monsters are promoting legislation banning people without close friends or family to buy guns. Not just that these family or close friends have to give you a letter to send the government of your character. You and both know that if your a racialist chances are you are isolated( even your friends or family will be on dissident status if they are racialist) on a dissident status like East Germany of the cold war.
Well there will come a day when only those with the mark of the beast will be able to trade in or out! We are not establishment people, this is something we should celebrate. We do what makes us and god happy in our lives. think of the politically correct constrains these idiots have wrapped around them all the time. Must be exhausting!

The key with me is, that I am the sort of person that would rather know the truth no matter how melancholic it is. I do feel sad a lot, but it is a normal emotion and happiness is only sweet when it is well earned!