Subject: strange emails coming supposedly from me
From: "cheryl battles" <>

Pastor Visser,

Please be advised: that because of identity theft by this creep Arhata Osho, or whatever his name is, UK Eric, whatever – you may be getting strange emails that seem to be from me. They are NOT from me.

This creep is posting under my name, and he is so bold he even sends me a copy to let me know what he’s up to. This is the code of the Satanists – to let you know what they do so if you don’t object then it’s your own fault.

But this creep is posting under my name. Blabber. Who knows what he might be sending out – asking for money, or just blabbering to make me look like a delusional nutcase the same as he is (or she is?) …

Could send out things that are criminal, to try to get me arrested or killed.

I’m not the only one he does this to. He uses other people’s names to post under also. Lots of them.

Please don’t trust this person. Don’t mess around with him. He’s a dangerous creep. I’m now forced to try to do more than I did before to stop him. He belongs in prison. Identity theft is a very serious thing, and this man is doing it to a lot of people. A person’s reputation is without price, and he’s stealing my name, and I don’t want his blabber attached to my name. I don’t want him sending out anything in my name. If he has nothing to offer the world, then go away and hide in a hole.

I am praying and fasting that God will stop this man. I ask you all to the same. He could just as well be stealing your identity – as some others. God can and will stop him if we pray about this. My sister was spreading terrible gossip all over the town where I live here, and God killed her. So if God would do that to my sister, I’m sure he’d do it to a Satanist like Arhata also. All of should realize where our real power is. It’s not in politics, not in the Repugs or the Demonrats. Our power is with God. If we are not in prayer, and if we’re not reading the Bible and believing it, we are trusting in the wrong thing. Our strength is in our God.

I will keep you posted on my ongoing struggle against this Satanic person.

Sorry to bring bad news so soon in the New Year.

Best to all –

Boy are you in for a bumpy ride - our people are too stupid to follow Christian protocol and you're among hundreds currently being slandered, vilified and will be eventually murdered by the jew called "Christian Identity." Don't expect a single person to believe anything but the most outlandish and obvious lies - it's literally that easy for Yahweh's enemy to destroy us (using their own platforms, no less).

You'll soon be tasting the living Hell that I have for the last eight months, trust me. This is where it all begins.

Be safe and keep the powder dry.