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Thread: Cashier Allegedly 'Misgenders'

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    Cashier Allegedly 'Misgenders'

    Cashier Allegedly 'Misgenders' Transgender Woman - She Responds With a Public Meltdown

    Just a mentally ill man...

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    Re: Cashier Allegedly 'Misgenders'

    Yes. I have met such people and they are obviously mentally ill.
    Its like giving someone that thinks he's Napoleon an army.
    You know what the difference between the jews and the Nazis is?
    The jews are actually guilty of the crimes their accused of.

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    Re: Cashier Allegedly 'Misgenders'

    AN old saying goes like this. The road downturn is easier than uphill. Self destruction is the road of least resistance.

    In my opinion: Entitles that hate our people try make self destruction fashionable.

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