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Thread: Christmas Carol changed

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    Christmas Carol changed

    Hark! The Herald Angel's WRONG! New version of popular carol outrages bishops by removing mention of Mary's virgin birth

    A new version of 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing' has sparked outrage among bishops after it removes the mention of Mary's virginity.

    Christmas Carol services and choirs have changed the line 'Offspring of a virgin's womb' to 'Offspring of the favoured one'.

    Senior Church of England clergy have warned that using the altered version of the popular hymn 'plays down Mary's virgin birth' and misleads people about Christianity.

    Revd Marcus Walker, rector of Great St Bartholomew in the City of London told the Telegraph that is 'plays down the reality of Christ's birth, and Mary's femininity – that he came out of a womb; this was a real birth from a real woman.

    Bishop Searle also believes Christmas hymns should not be tampered with because they could potentially mislead people who know little about Christina faith.

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    Re: Christmas Carol changed

    Humanism feels right though it is educated imitation of what someone smarter does or says. Respect of of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ does a man better on account life is limited. Happiness does not have a price. A Prideful lifestyle only causes arguments and loss of friends.

    Keep Christmas hymns clear;; that is my opinion.

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