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Thread: The End of America: James Fields Convicted on All Charges

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    The End of America: James Fields Convicted on All Charges

    This is an absolute travesty.

    And it is evidence that the justice system in America no longer works, and thus the entire government is illegitimate. If they can put you in prison for murder only because of your political beliefs, you have no rights left, and you are simply waiting around for the government to start the mass round-ups.

    I didn’t see this coming.

    America was a nice country while it lasted.
    Say what you want about Anglin he hit the nail on the head with this one. Even I thought Fields was going to be found innocent.
    We don't have a country anymore. We live in the USSR.
    This was a soviet era show trial.
    You know what the difference between the jews and the Nazis is?
    The jews are actually guilty of the crimes their accused of.

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    Re: The End of America: James Fields Convicted on All Charges

    SO true Astagoth,, All white men have the right to do is move somewhere on the earth. If the system is mad enough;; you do not live anywhere very long. Living in a legitimate residence is not a option in the USA. Woman are faithful to men who have stable residencies.

    I forgive those;;;; who I feel do not try hard enough.

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