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Thread: Foreign-born healthcare workers

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    Foreign-born healthcare workers

    US relies on foreign-born healthcare workers: Nearly 1 in 3 doctors are immigrants, Harvard study finds

    More than one in four doctors in the United States were born in another country, and a new study suggests many nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and home health aides are also immigrants.

    Researchers who analyzed US census data on 164,000 health care professionals found that overall, almost 17 percent weren't born in America and almost five percent were not US citizens.

    Past studies have focused on doctors who trained abroad, 'but our research shows that skilled immigration from other countries is an important contributor to nearly every occupation within the broader health care industry,' Jena said by email.

    Doctors were more likely to be foreign born than other health care professionals, researchers report in JAMA.

    About 29 percent of physicians were born in other countries, and almost seven percent were not US citizens, the study found.

    Roughly 24 percent of dentists were immigrants to the US, and four percent were not citizens.

    Among pharmacists, 20 percent were born elsewhere and almost four percent were not citizens.

    And 16 percent of registered nurses were immigrants; three percent were not citizens.

    Slightly more than 23 percent of home health, psychiatric and nursing aides were born outside the US, and almost nine percent were not citizens, the study also found.

    Asia sends the most health care professionals to the US, accounting for about six percent of the total workforce, followed by Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, accounting for about five percent of health workers.

    It's possible that some health care professionals surveyed didn't disclose their immigration or citizenship status, so the study may have underestimated the proportion of workers in the industry who were born outside the U.S., the authors note.

    'With the increasing diversity of the U.S. population, it's important our healthcare workforce reflect that diversity,' Arora, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email. 'Certain patients, such as immigrants or those who speak a different language, may prefer or do better with doctors born outside the U.S. due to cultural or language factors.'

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    Re: Foreign-born healthcare workers

    Highway robbery is profitable. Nation states that controls and protects the privacy, racial identity of its people; is just to much bother to criminals of the Global new world order.

    If the Worlds currency systems ware lawful these immigrant health workers could be surrounded by their own people and be more comfortable. If these non white professionals are only around whites; who are they going to date and marry? Lots of honest studies prove mixed races are mentally and physically unhealthy.

    A place of the earth were the female population are unapproachable sucks.

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