Pseudepigrapha Volume 1

Introduction J. H. Charlesworth 3

1 (Ethiopic Apocalypse of) Enoch (Second Century B.C.- First Century A.D.) E. Isaac 5

2 (Slavonic Apocalypse of) Enoch (Late First Century A.D.) with Appendix: 2 Enoch in Merilo Pravednoe F. /. Andersen 91

3 (Hebrew Apocalypse of) Enoch (Fifth to Sixth Century A.D.) P. Alexander 223

Sibylline Oracles (Second Century B.c.-Seventh Century A.D.) J. J. Collins 317

Treatise of Shem (First Century B.C.) J. //. Charlesworth 473

Apocryphon of Ezekiel (First Century B.c.-First Century A.D.) J. R. Mueller and S. E. Robinson 487

Apocalypse of Zephaniah (First Century B.c.-First Century A.D.) 0. S. Wintermute 497

The Fourth Book of Ezra (Late First Century A.D.) fi. M. Metzger 517

Greek Apocalypse of Ezra (Second to Ninth Century A.D.) M. E. Stone 561

Vision of Ezra (Fourth to Seventh Century A.D.) 7. R. Mueller and G. A. Robbins 581

Questions of Ezra (Date Unknown) M. E. Stone 591

Revelation of Ezra (prior to Ninth Century A.D.) D. A. Fiensy 601

Apocalypse of Sedrach (Second to Fifth Century A.D.) S. Agourides 605

2 (Syriac Apocalypse of) Baruch (early Second Century A.D.) A. F. 7. Klijn 615

3 (Greek Apocalypse of) Baruch (First to Third Century A.D.) H. E. Gaylord, Jr. 653

Apocalypse of Abraham (First to Second Century A.D.) R. Rubinkiewicz 681

Apocalypse of Adam (First to Fourth Century A.D.) G. MacRae 707

Apocalypse of Elijah (First to Fourth Century A.D.) 0. S. Wintermute 721

Apocalypse of Daniel (Ninth Century A.D.) G. T. Zervos 755

Introduction J. H. Charlesworth 113

Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs (Second Century B.C.) H. C. Kee 775

Testament of Job (First Century B.C.-First Century A.D.) R. P. Spinier 829

Testaments of the Three Patriarchs
Introduction E. P. Sanders 869

Testament of Abraham (First to Second Century A.D.) E. P. Sanders 871

Testament of Isaac (Second Century A.D.) W. F. Stinespring 903

Testament of Jacob (Second to Third Century A.D.? ) W. F. Stinespring 913

Testament of Moses (First Century A.D.) J. Priest 919

Testament of Solomon (First to Third Century A.D.) D. C. Duling 935

Testament of Adam (Second to Fifth Century A.D.) S. E. Robinson 989

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