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Thread: LOTR series is racist...

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    LOTR series is racist...

    Science Fiction writer claims the Lord Of The Rings series is 'racist' because it discriminates against orcs

    The Lord of the Rings series has been branded 'racist' by a science fiction writer who claims orcs are discriminated against and written as inferior.

    American author Andy Duncan said British author JRR Tolkien depicted evil creatures such as orcs as 'worse than others' and said this had 'dire consequences for society'.

    The criticism comes despite Tolkien being known as a fierce critic of racism, particularly the Nazi Germany regime in the 1930s and 40s.

    'It's hard to miss the repeated notion in Tolkien that some races are just worse than others, or that some peoples are just worse than others.

    'And this seems to me - in the long term, if you embrace this too much - it has dire consequences for yourself and for society.'

    Duncan has previously written a parody set in Tolkien's Middle-earth universe called Senator Bilbo about a right-wing Hobbit politician opposing the immigration of orcs into The Shire.

    'I can easily imagine that a lot of these people that were doing the dark lord's bidding were doing so out of simple self preservation and so forth.

    'A lot of these creatures that were raised out of the earth had not a great deal of choice in the matter of what to do. I have this very complicated sense of the politics of all that.'

    Duncan also compared the depiction of the orcs to modern day refugees and appeared to criticise President Donald Trump over the situation at the Mexican border.

    Tolkien has previously been criticised for racism by academics, including Dr Stephen Shapiro, a then cultural studies academic at the University of Warwick, in 2003.

    He wrote: 'Put simply, Tolkien's good guys are white and the bad guys are black, slant-eyed, unattractive, inarticulate and a psychologically undeveloped horde.'

    Tolkien wrote two letters in response, one ignoring the question, and the other confronting the issue head on.

    In the second, he wrote: 'If I am to understand that you are enquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people.

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    Re: LOTR series is racist...

    Of course its racist. The whole series is a replay of WW2 with the good guys winning. Especially the movies. Aragorn is Hitler. He even looks like him.
    Sauron is Stalin Saruman is FDR and Wormtongue is Churchill.
    You know what the difference between the jews and the Nazis is?
    The jews are actually guilty of the crimes their accused of.

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    Re: LOTR series is racist...

    Oh well, I enjoyed those films immensely.

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    Re: LOTR series is racist...

    The elves were supposed to be the Israelites and Galadriel was supposed to be eve. The symbol of Gondor being a white tree was kind of obvious as well.
    You know what the difference between the jews and the Nazis is?
    The jews are actually guilty of the crimes their accused of.

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