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Thread: Christian Graves Desecrated in Central Israel

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    Christian Graves Desecrated in Central Israel

    Christian Graves Desecrated in Central Israel
    18 Oct 2018


    Vandals have torn down concrete crosses marking dozens of graves at a Christian cemetery in central Israel, a church official said on Thursday.

    Father Antonio Scodo, responsible for the upkeep of the Saint Stephen's Church graveyard, within the Beit Jamal monastery, said the damage was spotted by nuns at an adjoining convent on Wednesday.

    "But the deeds surely go back further," he told AFP.

    He said that the abuse of 26 gravesites was an act of desecration rather than random vandalism."

    ". . . "We are the object of much hatred," Scodo said. "And we don't bother anybody here, we are here for more than 100 years."

    Nearby Beit Shemesh is home to a large population of ultra-Orthodox Jews who have in the past clashed with less observant Jewish residents."

    " . . . They "failed to bring anybody to justice for these acts, and we wonder if that will again be the case this time," he wrote in a statement'"

    Read more about of the story at:.

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    Re: Christian Graves Desecrated in Central Israel

    And judeo christianity still doesn't get it. They'll continue to worship them and claim they're the "chosen" ones...

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    Re: Christian Graves Desecrated in Central Israel

    Good work uncovering deceit feed to our people everyday.

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