Orban lashes out at European Parliament’s ‘attack on the Hungarian people’

12 Sep 2018

Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban on September 11 rejected criticism of his staunchly nationalistic policies by his colleagues in the European Parliament "and accused the parliamentarians of trying to blackmail both him and his country after the EU threatened to sanctions Hungary of sanctions for violating the bloc’s core values."

". . . An indignant Orban regularly attempted to chastise the assembled group of parliamentarians, at one point invoking his own anti-Communist past and the millennium-old Christian tradition of his country as reasons for his decision to keep Hungarian on an independent path. He accused the Member States of trying to rob the Hungarian people of their democratic right to make “go their own way”.

“This report does not give respect to the Hungarian nation,” Orban told the lawmakers. “You think you know better than the Hungarian people what the Hungarian people need.”"

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