European Parliament votes to censure Orban over rule of law violations in Hungary

12 Sep 2018

"Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban‘s often toxic relationship with the European Union came to a head on September 12 when the European Parliament decided to trigger the so-called Article 7 procedure under EU law which would suspend some of Budapest’s rights in the EU institutions after Orban’s government was found to be a “systemic threat” to European values in the county.

The measure does not immediately penalise Hungary, but it allows for sanctions to be imposed and a formal warning will be sent to Orban for violating the EU’s values.

The ruling is the first time that the European Parliament has considered invoking the Article 7 sanctions process against one of the 28 Member States."

". . . MEPs were forced into action after Orban’s government introduced a popular “Stop Brussels” consultation and accused the EU of conspiring to promote illegal immigration. Nicknamed the “Stop Soros” law, the new legislation also bars aid from being delivered to illegal migrants."

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