Sweden election 2018: Swedes REJECT EU immigration diktats in election shock

PUBLISHED: 13:39, Mon, Sep 10, 2018 | UPDATED: 13:58, Mon, Sep 10, 2018

"EUROPE’S post-war politics of liberal consensus are being torn apart by the rise of the extreme right across the continent – with Sweden the latest to embrace a so-called ‘populist’ anti-immigrant party in response to EU diktats on migrant quotas.

Sweden, for so-long a by-word for civilised government and social cohesion, frequently topping lists of the world’s most contented countries, had today joined Italy, Austria, and Germany in a huge lurch to the hard right.

Results of yesterday’s election saw the Swedish Democrats (SD) take amost 18 percent of the vote – potentially making them kingmakers in the forthcoming government.

Not much more than a decade ago the Swedish Democrats were a thuggish neo-Nazi, white supremacist group.

But they have been re-branded and re-invented by charismatic young leader Jimmie Åkesson – who leveraged EU-sparked concerns over immigration, jobs, and a damaged welfare system to garner mainstream acceptance and popularity, according to Magnus Blomgren, a social scientist at Umea University, Stockholm."

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