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Aryan Nations was all about the "Brand". It is pretty much a form of idolotry. You could put the vast majority of the people in AN in Europe and they would look like mamzers. Why? Very simple: because they are. Scripture must come before anything, and AN didn't do that.
Very helpful info. In my experience. Education and snobbery pulls our people away from Yahweh.
Just think guys. What if a part of our racial people was not educated and isolated in Siberia or rural parts of Alaska without any Television, internet or public education. Would any fancy words or division of doctrine be as much of issue. In nature clearly mixed raced births end in still birth most of all the time. It should be against the law and its not healthy(mentally either)
Christian Identity is clearly right and natural. Clearly non white third world nations of the earth are hell holes.
Thanks for allowing my opinion to be posted.