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Thread: A person wearing a Trump hat has drink thrown at them

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    A person wearing a Trump hat has drink thrown at them

    This is not religious information. Can using religion cover you from being harassed in public by ANTIFA related groups? Groups incited by members of Congress, Deep State workers in the work place appointed by the deep state to raise hell for white guys, or court personnel using the color of law to promote big government.
    My answer religion will cover you if you promote isolation for yourself and targets of the deep state.

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    Re: A person wearing a Trump hat has drink thrown at them

    Another unhinged leftist. Reminds me of an old Chinese saying. "Not a single drop of water believes its responsible for the flood".
    The liberals are going completely insane. The wheat and the tares are bring separated before our very eyes.
    You know what the difference between the jews and the Nazis is?
    The jews are actually guilty of the crimes their accused of.

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