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Thread: Who is Who?

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    Who is Who?

    Yahweh's Truth #9 – Pastor J. Visser @ Covenant People's Ministry

    Who is Who? [2018] is the third sermon of a trilogy scrutinizing Bible doctrines of importance to Dr. James P. Wickstrom. Who are God's chosen people? Whom does Yahweh hate forever? This episode of Yahweh's Truth aired live on Worldwide Christian shortwave Radio and attempts to explain the "players" of scriptural history from both Testaments while exposing God's serpentile enemies in the process.

    MP4 | 2018
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    Re: Who is Who?

    I liked the sermon. The times our kindred live in are put in context. Information like this was understood though many trails and hardship. Esau Edom does for a fact causes people to attack Yahweh's will on this earth. Mental , Physical and vandalism are faced by People staying the course doing Yahweh's will.

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    Re: Who is Who?

    Thank you for this. Great work.

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