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Thread: Dinosaurs are a Masonic Myth

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    Re: Dinosaurs are a Masonic Myth

    Quote Originally Posted by Astragoth View Post
    As far as I know Darwin was a Christian who was reluctant to even publish his findings. The only reason he did is a friend of his told him that if he didn't
    a younger scientist on the same line of research would do it. He was reportedly horrified at what was done with his research.

    The Bible doesn't mention a lot of things but it certainly doesn't rule out evolution.
    Well I will check the history out and some of the info you sent also tomorrow. I do know Darwin offended a lot of lefties. Because he described primitave tribes such as the Ona tribe of Patagonia as 'barbarous' savages. Or words to that effect.

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    Re: Dinosaurs are a Masonic Myth

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik View Post
    As far as Dinosaurs I believe they existed. The question is did they exist in this age or in another age prior to this one. I think they lived in an age before this one. What they put in museums are most likely just replicas. But they find remains of Dinosaurs all over the world just like they are finding giants, but giants they're trying to hide from us.

    On evolution, I believe Yahweh can do all things but I don't believe he used evolution in our creation because our Bible mentions nothing of it. Kind after Kind...

    On Darwin, yes what he came up with had many people come away from Christ and people continue to use his theory to try and disprove the Bible. On a side note, there are those who say he came to Christ in the end of this life. We'll see when we die if he's in the Kingdom or not.
    True. I have read that the famous occultist Aleistair Crowley had many regrets on his deathbed. I suppose reality hit home. But as with the thief on the cross (beside Yeshua), Christ measures one's sincerity. We all rely on his grace.

    Giants or Nephillim did indeed exist. My guess is that they hide in hidden caverns deep in remote territory. Also cryptid such as the dogman and Bigfoot. I know a hunter who swore blind he saw a squatch out in Yellowstone. The government also cover up ghosts, sasquatch and aliens. In England where I live there was a famous man who lived in the same town my father was born. His famous find? The Solway Firth spaceman. Many people said the image (which shows a strange astronaut type figure behind his daughter) is a fake and is just his wife in the background. But the man who took the picture died without changing his story. The thing that makes me believe him more is because he was from a small rural area, where everyone knows everyone else and he was visited by the infamous men in black.

    Here are some interesting videos (on giants) I found on Youtube:

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