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Thread: Thought of the day thread

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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    There is not a single similarity of any vaccine to the "Mark of the Beast" mentioned in the Bible.

    If there is one I'd certainly like to see it with scripture.

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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    A silly Femanist recently said that men use religion to control women. She actually thinks that Ladies are controlled by men because they arn't an out of control Femanist like herself - who had no paternal upbringing !

    She is "liberated and free" to shout her mouth off without any repercussions most of the time. She doesn't see the rolling eyes or hear the comments about her behaviour afterwards - her father failed in his duty, with or without patriarchal religion !

    These little girls are emboldened by the MSM's orchestrated assault on the patriarchial family unit. They believe in gender equality but demand priviledge and protected status.

    They bully their victims and like all bullies they are inherent cowards. Ladies have character and courage, but Feminists avoid any real confrontation and quickly back away when meeting resistance, but that doesn't mean that they stop any malicious behaviour behind their opponents back - that's their forte ! ! !

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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    expectations are a compliment not a burden. Persons that respect themselves have empathy for others. Keep love of the truth fellow Christians.

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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    It wasn't today, but earlier in the week I was looking at some reactions people have posted to this dangerous fake flu, nanobot tests and even worse vaccines. One of the reactions people were having was coming out in awful bright red rashes. Some of these I think I have only seen looking at pictures of people with terrible viruses. As I thought this it came into my mind the part of the revelations, I cannot remember the exact verses, but I am sure it mentions those with the mark of the beast having awful symptoms and that they will seek death and shall not find it!

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