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Thread: Reptiles in Scripture

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    Reptiles in Scripture

    Reptiles in Scripture – Jeromy Visser @ Covenant People's Ministry

    Reptiles in Scripture [2017] provides an overview on several types of serpent from the Holy Bible. This tranquil sermon proves Yahweh used frogs in judgment against Egypt and the tortoise, chameleon and lizard are all unfit to eat. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the King James Version? This lecture scrutinizes leviathan from the book of Job and mostly proves "viper" is used metaphorically for Satan's children.

    MP4 | 2017

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    Re: Reptiles in Scripture

    A timely sermon. My friend and I were debating about leviathan just last week.

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    Re: Reptiles in Scripture

    Great stuff! I enjoyed the radio show.

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