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Thread: Temptation of Christ

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    Temptation of Christ

    Temptation of Christ – Jeromy Visser @ Covenant People's Ministry

    Temptation of Christ
    [2017] devotes the first half of the sermon to proving not every plant sown on earth is from Yahweh and even Lucifer has literal offspring on earth known as tares. Are we all God's children? Was Cain Adam's son? The second half of this lecture scrutinizes Satan's feeble temptation of Christ to expose three detailed tactics "blind leaders of the blind" use to obfuscate Yahweh's everlasting truth.

    MP4 | 2017

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    Re: Temptation of Christ

    I'm looking forward to "the next chapter."

    I've been CI for over thirty years and can tell you many people are still preaching the same sermon from the eighties.

    Very few people approach the scriptures honestly which tells me they never learn and only use it to push falsehoods.

    Great up the good work.
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