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    Cosmic Judgment

    Cosmic Judgment – Jeromy Visser @ Covenant People's Ministry

    Cosmic Judgment [2017] uses the Sibylline Oracles 669-701 to confirm both Ezekiel and Isaiah's Old Testament teachings concerning "the Day of the Lord." Do we truly know the Immortal being mortals? Why do the impious bathe in the blood of the Saints? These Gnostic Sibyls say "the dark abyss will appear to all" thus this relaxed sermon proves all nations will know Yahweh during a time of "Jacob's trouble."

    MP4 | 2017

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    Re: Cosmic Judgment

    Thank you for this sermon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piet View Post
    Thank you for this sermon.
    I second that, Piet. I'd like to hear more from Sibylline Oracles.
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