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Thread: Blameless Bishops

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    Re: Blameless Bishops

    I noticed Charlie Chink has taken to stealing our Swift sermons and putting them up on Bitchute without any permission. What else is new? Just another thieving "real jew" us CI would be much better off without.

    Still, his unattributed reading of Visser's "Tactics of the Lawless One" line-by-line was much better than the original. Thank God we have someone to read for us, we idiots really need that within our own creation that we've never accepted him in, IMO.

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    Re: Blameless Bishops

    Blameless Bishops - Pastor J. Visser @ Covenant People's Ministry

    Blameless Bishops [2017] is the loosely based sequel to "CI Fixation" and the very sermon many pastors "in name only" used in their attempt to remove Visser from the airwaves. Meant to honestly convict the Bible believer this lecture frankly looks at scripture's requirements to be a preacher of Yahweh's Word while also making no apologies for the quotes provided explaining the prerequisites of being an overseer.

    MP4 | 2017

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