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Yes, Davis is a Marrano.

A friend of ours called Sussexman has a book detailing where all the slave traders from Seville, Spain went after they left the Old World. The Davids (pronounced Dar-veeds) moved to Virginia in the 1660s. By the 1820s they had moved to Tennessee, where they Anglicized the name to Davis, and started working in the legal profession and taking part in certain "philanthropic activities", in other words, masonry.

His brother is both a lawyer and a freemason. Shane was the "failure" of the brood after flunking college, and has spent most of his adult life on anti-psychotic drugs, while conversing with many imaginary friends (including Himmler). He pretty much lives on the outskirts of his mother's farm, which isn't actually a working farm. According to certain people who have heard of him, he never was actually married. She was only someone he spoke to on a dating site. After he told her he was 8,000 years old, a resurrected Nazi, and filled with the Holy Spirit, she block all communication from him.

As for the people he used to name drop, they pretty much have no idea of who he is. Poor critter, lulz.
I can claim witness to that too. I have seen the same book. For the record too, there is no "Underground CI churches", nor even a mainstream. "I-den-tee" is whatever heresy mixed in with a little truth any wannabe Aryan can manage to pass between his toothless gums. Everyone just quotes what someone else has said, but never checks it themselves. This is why people like Limpseed/Grandson Shane/Laforge are fair game for the Order. I believe the score is around 11-0 now. Yet still, Limpseed thinks we are "Visser's pedo-pakis".