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Thread: The Martin Lindstedt Rant Thread

  1. #1051

    Re: Kanye West Is Leaving The United States Because Of Racism

    Good, let him take his Armenian strumpet with him.

  2. #1052

    Re: Due to popular demand by Darth Arch-Possum:

    I have to agree the dead opossum link in Bill Biggs signature is offensive. Where are the moderators?

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    Re: Due to popular demand by Darth Arch-Possum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Panzerschreck View Post
    I have to agree the dead opossum link in Bill Biggs signature is offensive. Where are the moderators?
    Sorry Panzerschreck, I don't have control over users signature, avatar, information, ect. Maybe Adherent does but the Admin does for sure. You could send a PM to admin to ask to have it removed or you can click here to send a report or go to the post in question and simply click the triangle with the exclamation located at the bottom left of the post next to the star :/

    Again I apologize, until it can be addressed please try and ignore the link. Marty is special and he can't help who and what he is. Plus with his slight case of turrets, I hope you all will be understanding. But when the turd needs to sit on the stool.. it's waiting for him in the corner.

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    Re: Due to popular demand by Darth Arch-Possum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Biggs View Post
    jewromy doesn't run Cherokee Piss-Pul Mamzeries
    You're just figuring that out? It's only called the Covenant People's Ministry.

    If it was about one man and not our people we'd be called CwistoJennaer, bitch.

    " I'm Green Ghost, bitch! What? "

  5. #1055

    Re: Da 666 chewish Thang!!!

  6. #1056

    Re: WhiteyLeaks: Is William Raymond Finck Jewish? By His Own Standards, He is Jewish

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Clowney View Post
    Pope Martin will be discussing everybody's favorite high school drop out and self-ordained corrector of five better men!

    Don't miss it! I don't agree with Saint Martin of Feebs on everything but tonight's show is sure to please all the volk!
    Buzz off, non-white.

    Don Black himself banned you from Stormfront for being jewish, bitch.

    " I'm Green Ghost, bitch! What? "

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    Re: Due to popular demand by Darth Arch-Possum:

    I just want to let Marty know that it was me, not AT that deleted his idotic posts, keep your mindless babbling on your own forum Mr Stinky.

  8. #1058

    Re: jewromy would do best to ban LiarBill "MumpsNut" DeClue(less)

    Marty's ziggy got me thinking about this

    Pastor Steele spoke the truth as he's now dead, bitch.

    " I'm Green Ghost, bitch! What? "

  9. #1059

    Re: Which Bible (Bibles) are reliable?

    I use the KJV with a Strong's concordance, while the KJV does have translation errors, using a concordance can give you the meanings of words in the original language.

  10. #1060

    The big chimp out in Ferguson

    I've seen comments on the chimpout in Ferguson and I can say that no white people are afraid, not even those that live nearby. See the looters are not going into residential areas but are staying on the prime commercial strip on W Florissant road. Also the looters and the ones starting the violence are not legit protestors, they are several groups of criminals who are taking advantage of the confusion to make more money, see normally these spooks do shoplifting and grab and run type crimes on store but they are taking advantage to make better money for a week.

    The locals and the "legit" protestors have been denouncing these criminals and even Michael Brown's family is saying that they are disgracing his memory but they are just that many criminally minded spooks in the area. Well that will end soon, the Democrat Govenor has finally got off his butt and sent the guard so it's all but over. A Republican would have sent the guard a week ago and this would have been over but Dems take longer to pull their heads out of their butts. I bet that the Republican controlled legislature will be passing some strict anti rioting laws in the aftermath of all this, not to mention the dozens of arrests that will follow once the "crisis" is over and cops have time to go over all the video footage of the looting.All these dumb spooks are doing is hurting themselves and the black community since the citizens living in fear are nearly all black. White just shrug and could care less cus they are tearing up their own part of town.

    p.s. The person saying this lives less about 7 miles from where all this is going on and I'm not the least bit worried nor have I spoken to any whites that are worried, including one that lives less than a mile from the command center in Jennings.
    The spooks are sticking to commercial property, where the money and merchandise are.

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