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Thread: The Martin Lindstedt Rant Thread

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    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/AN v O'Nigger

    Below is a post by renowned screwball and heretic Pastor "Call Me Marty" Lindstedt. Never one to let hypocrisy get in his way, Marty has been accusing others of gender-bending while he himself has been prowling CI forums in drag as Amy Rose, one of his many online aliases. Amy Rose's original avatar was a pic of a white trash trollop that Marty probably purloined from Facebook or an one of those sleazy online dating services. Marty is a half-bearded, profanity-loving lunatic who lives in a filthy hovel from which people have been known to flee due to the overpowering smell of stale tinkle. He doesn't regard his posting under assumed names as deception but rather espionage in his ongoing online war with all the "ZOGbots" he believes infest the Christian Identity and White Nationalist forums that are unfortunate enough to have him as a member. A ZOGbot, as far as Marty is concerned, is anybody who recognizes him for the potty-mouthed mentalcase that he is. Marty considers himself the Pope of Christian Identity and sincerely believes that he and his personal army of ten thousand warlords, who, according to Marty, hear his voice after the same fashion that Christ's sheep hear His (no, I'm not kidding), will kick ZOG's sorry behind once the Great Tribulation is in full swing. Although how Marty is going to divide his time between trashing ZOG and fulfilling his solemn vow to skin alive all the white people, and then make them eat their children, who've called him Marty or questioned his sanity is something he and Yawheh are going to have to sort out. Marty is allowed to post here, only to serve as a warning of what can happen to you when you haven't been given the Spirit of a sound mind. Naturally, any infinitesimal resemblance between him and an actual Christian Identist is purely coincidental.

    by Martian Linseed (Posted Mon, 07 Dec 2009 06:51:35 +0000)
    A Date That Shall Live In Infamy ... 31#post331 ... f=7&t=2098

    On December 6, 2005, I was taken by two Newton County Deputy Sheriff's to the Fulton State NutHouse. And, at approximately 7:12 a.m. I was, while shackled in chains and helpless, a brutal thuggish transportation officer named Don Hunt deliberately shoved me, twice, while off balance, and upon the second shove forced me to land on my face and hands, breaking five top front teeth and scraping my face, hands, and legs.

    This pig, Don Hunt, had 'an attitude' towards me from when he came to pick me up. And, I responded with the contempt and overt hatred I have for the servants of Satan working for Babylon/ZOG. Since the pig couldn't win the debate, as we left the Newton County Jail, the other pig, Robert Sullivan, the senior pig, after telling me that they didn't care to argue with me -- as they were losing the argument -- turned up the radio so that it was impossible to be heard or even think. And that radio stayed on and very loud until the two pigs got tired of punishing themselves half as bad as they were punishing me.

    Pigs have no sense of self-discipline. The coffee-drinking pigs gulped down the entire thermos and so had to piss within 80 miles, or an hour after leaving the jail. Pigs never bother to obey the speed limits, part of the benefit of being law enforcement is that pigs never enforce the laws upon theysselfs. Laws are something only civilian non-government workers are supposed to obey. So they pulled off at Exit 75 or 78 in Springfield Missouri and had to piss. They warned me not to say anything and I told them that they had no right to order me around.

    While in the restroom, I asked this Hunt pig if he was the senior pig to be giving me a bunch of guff. The Hunt pig said that this Sullivan hybernigger pig was the senior. So I told him that for a secondary pig he sure squealed the loudest. Hunt was all annoyed and acted like he wanted to beat me up, but dare did not do any such thing in the restroom with two convenience store clerks at the "Express" watching.

    So as we left the store, Don Hunt shoved me on the right shoulder as I was headed to the squad car. I struggled to keep my balance given a weak left hip and as I had just regained my balance, a strong arm shoved me again and this time I toppled on the curb and fell on the sidewalk on my face.

    Broken teeth when swallowed taste like bone-favored gravel. I was in shock and like any animal seeing that it is about to lose its life, thankfully couldn't feel much pain. "You evil bastards broke my teeth" is all I could think of saying. And these moral lepers could only disclaim their evil: "You broke your teeth trying to escape," said Hunt. Hunt then grabbed me by the arms and shoved me to my feet and shoved me into the squad car -- by then I was in too much shock to feel the pain of either shoulder or left hip, and they left the scene of the crime that they had committed even as witnesses looked away.

    You see, we live in a police state where nobody wants to tell the minions of the criminal regime that they can't brutalize citizens for the excellent reason that piglice can brutalize anyone they please and find plenty of whigger feebs to defend them as well as the criminal regime.

    In the three-hour drive remaining nothing was said. My face did a steady drip-drip-drip onto my orange shirt and pants. Truck drivers looked at my face in amazement. With my long hair, but only half a beard, I probably looked like a deranged Jesus after scourging on my way to crucifixion. Only an army major in a new car with license plates of "1stCmd" trailed the piglice cruiser for 30 minutes around Lebanon until the two pigs upped the ante by hitting the gas to ninety miles per hour in a 60 mph zone and the major decided that he might as well just make his turn off past Osage Beach.

    The pigs wanted for me to hide the evidence on them and give them a break, but I refused to turn loose of the blood-soaked paper napkin now ooozing lymph fluid.

    When we got to the Fulton State NutHouse, I told the people checking me in that I wanted to file criminal complaint of felonious restraint, felony aggrivated assault and battery against the two Newton County Deputy Sheriffs Hunt and Sullivan. The NutHouse workers acted as if they get someone with broken out teeth and bleeding face, hands and legs all the time and refused to even detain or even refuse to sign in their prisoner. According to law, the proper thing to have done would have been to refuse custody of a beaten prisoner and to call the Calloway County Sheriff's Department to start an investigation. But, as the Fulton State NutHouse is run like a prison as opposed to a real hospital, they were on the side of the pigs who beat up the inmates.

    They did take pictures of my injuries for no other reason than because they did wish to claim that they hadn't committed the abuse. But government workers understand whose side they are on, and that murder, assault, rape, robbery and denial of liberty is what they are actually all about.

    Now I can't say that before this second worst day in my life happened -- the worst was on April 9, 2004 when the baby-stealing piglice stole my grandchildren and destroyed my family -- that I was not for anything but the wholesale extermination not only of those who serve the criminal regime, the no-longer-so mighty Evil Empire, ZOG/Babylon the Third/Last but anyone and everyone who in any way who supports them in any form. And, every day, both before that day which for me and mine will live in infamy, I thank YHWH for the coming Great Tribulation and a civil war which will exterminate not only the jews, muds, and mamzer cruds, but well over ninety percent of the ZOGling whigger herd animals as well.

    You see, we don't have a nigger problem. We don't have a beaner problem or gook problem or even a jew problem.

    I do believe we have a whigger problem.

    Exterminate the whigger element, and end the entire problem of what ails the White Man, i.e. ZOG/Babylon.

    When the White Man figures out what has to be done, and then does away with all of the diseased whigger herd animals supporting ZOG/Babylon, then the situation will change from being Hopeless to being merely Serious.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Last edited by Obadiah 1:18; 05-11-2010 at 10:14 PM.
    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    The Racial Fraud that is Christian Identity

    by Chaplain Bill (Posted Fri, 11 Sep 2009 19:50:37 +0000)
    Kwai Chang, when are you going to realize that non cares what you say, you are alone and desperate for attention. I'm telling you, your best bet is to pull a Johnny Lee Clary and go on Oprah kissing a bunch of niggers and begging them to forgive you for being such a "evil racist" Because no one in the white nationalist movement wants anything with your chinese looking self.

    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Time for DSCI to Disassociate Itself From Lindstedt Completely

    On a recent podcast, Marty said that he would torture policemen by feeding their children to them. Hands up anybody here who still thinks that...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Marty, I'm very disappointed in you

    I was underwhelmed by your poor performance on Bill Finck's show the other day. Mike Delaney and the soft-spoken other Martin wiped the floor,...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

  5. #25

    You're losing it, Marty!

    The wheels are coming off! What's going on, Pope and political leader of DSCI? You can't put a foot right no matter how hard you try. You get...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Pope Loonstedts CJCC/AN of Missouri handbook.

    Greetings, I am Pope Loonstedt, the only true DSCI clergy in the world and Pope of the CJCC/AN of Missouri and this is my offical handbook in which I...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    An Urgent Warning to Anyone Who Calls Marty Marty!

    Marty has vowed a ghastly vengeance on any and all of us who dare call him Marty: He's going to feed us our testicles! And then he's going to take...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    So you don't think Marty has 10000 warlords?

    Well, think again, because some of them got together for a big social event held in their beloved general's honor. As Marty declared in a recent...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Marty, I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!

    This is gonna be dead easy for you, Marty. All you have to do is prove that I am any of the three things you're always accusing me of being, namely,...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    THE flaw of White Nationalism is whiggers

    by Sol (Posted Mon, 03 May 2010 00:51:56 +0000)
    ...of which Martian Linseed is the worst.

    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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