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Thread: The Martin Lindstedt Rant Thread

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    Exclamation The Martin Lindstedt Rant Thread

    The Lindstedt Rant Thread
    Please keep all conversations related to Lindstedt posted here

    by Martin Lindstedt (Posted Mon, 01 Feb 2010 09:03:40 +0000)
    Review of First Hour of Pastor Lindstedt's 28Dec09 Radio Interview
    viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1111&p=4908#p4908 ... post227536 ... 2795#p2795

    Alright, I went through the first hour and outlined the highlights as given below. I want to make a good outline so that anyone can see a topic and go to that spot on the recording.

    As I said, here's the first hour. I'll get 1-2 hours tomorrow and then the next day until it's done. If anyone sees anything I missed and you feel it should be included, post the topic and the time on counter. Once it's done, I'll put it together as a single Word file for reference.

    December 28, 2009 Interview with Martin Lindstedt on Christogenos.

    Hour 1:

    1. Introduction
    2. States internet goals and defines two branches of CI (1:40)
    3. Talks about Pete Peters (5:15)
    4. Pastor Butler and the skinheads (14:20)
    5. Regional differences in DSCI (Western, Southern and Eastern) (15:00)
    6. Comparet’s notes to become the AIT training course (16:00)
    7. Plans for creation of DSCI book by committee (Lindstedt, Visser, Finck, and others) (18:00)
    8. Plans for a DSCI network; possible video website, et al (19:45)
    9. Martin’s time with Louis Beam and being OSL in the militia movement (20:50)
    10. Klan is filled with informants; ZOG is terrified of DSCI (26:00)
    11. Dark days for ZOG (27:40)
    12. “We got a whigger problem.” (32:30)
    13. The Tribulation and Satan’s plan for race mixing the Whites (33:30)
    14. The rules of land warfare (38:00)
    15. Early genealogies in middle east (40:30)
    16. Militia story continues (44:00)
    17. Constipational Bill of Goods (46:00)
    18. StormFront and David Duke (49:50)
    19. Discussion of Alex Linder and VNN (53:00)
    20. Glenn the Snitch Miller (57:40)

    Martin, you really bounce all over the place and hit a lot of interesting points!

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    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Unhappy Martian "Mad-Dog" Linseed: Polish Or "Polish?"

    Below is a post by renowned screwball and heretic Pastor "Call Me Marty" Lindstedt. Never one to let hypocrisy get in his way, Marty has been accusing others of gender-bending while he himself has been prowling CI forums in drag as Amy Rose, one of his many online aliases. Amy Rose's original avatar was a pic of a white trash trollop that Marty probably purloined from Facebook or an one of those sleazy online dating services. Marty is a half-bearded, profanity-loving lunatic who lives in a filthy hovel from which people have been known to flee due to the overpowering smell of stale tinkle. He doesn't regard his posting under assumed names as deception but rather espionage in his ongoing online war with all the "ZOGbots" he believes infest the Christian Identity and White Nationalist forums that are unfortunate enough to have him as a member. A ZOGbot, as far as Marty is concerned, is anybody who recognizes him for the potty-mouthed mentalcase that he is. Marty considers himself the Pope of Christian Identity and sincerely believes that he and his personal army of ten thousand warlords, who, according to Marty, hear his voice after the same fashion that Christ's sheep hear His (no, I'm not kidding), will kick ZOG's sorry behind once the Great Tribulation is in full swing. Although how Marty is going to divide his time between trashing ZOG and fulfilling his solemn vow to skin alive all the white people, and then make them eat their children, who've called him Marty or questioned his sanity is something he and Yawheh are going to have to sort out. Marty is allowed to post here, only to serve as a warning of what can happen to you when you haven't been given the Spirit of a sound mind. Naturally, any infinitesimal resemblance between him and an actual Christian Identist is purely coincidental.

    by Martin Lindstedt (Posted Sun, 13 Dec 2009 05:40:33 +0000)
    The Movement Turd

    Heard on the Turd
    Dec. 11, 2009
    viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1108&p=4898#p4898 ... p=976#p976 ... 2528#p2528

    The big news of the past few weeks has been ZOG's show trials of its discarded rat Hal Turner and Bill White. Both show trials involve reining in whigger nutsionalist blowhards who live in a time wherein the paper 'protections' of the CONstipation and Bill of Goods are essentially discarded by regime criminals doing whatever they please as they loot the ZOGland and the ZOGling whigger herd animals.

    Having looted the ZOGland and made it so that whiggers no longer can feed theysselfs -- much less the alien jew, nigger and beaner parasites -- the [d]ruling regime criminals are scared ****less that there is somewhere another Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin or especially a Hitler to rid the White People of the entire class of regime-criminal parasites who have brought them to the verge of dispossession in their own country. These parasites understand that when the People rebel that there will be no mercy extended to them simply because those who would rule in the name of the People must permit no leaven of corruption left in order to do the harsh and stern things necessary to remove those who would feast upon the People. An entirely clean slate is what is necessary, not a corrupt pretend 'reform' of the Babylonian System of Evil. When the slate is wiped clean, no dissent steeped in sanctimoniousness will be tolerated, for it was toleration of evil and calling it good by regime criminals and baal-priests which has brought this formerly White nation to its current degraded state.

    So the entire bowel Movement is full of ZOG false-fronts leading whigger fools in circles. Given that since it is a dygenic Movement of largely sheep-like whiggers lead by criminals and fools, what difference does it make when a few dispensable rats and fools surplus to ZOG's efforts are sacrificed in order to put fear into ZOGlings that ZOG has redrawn the line in the toilet-paper 'protections' of the CONstipation and Bill of Goods?

    Having never had anything to do with Hal Turner other than peripherally through the idiotic Sci-Fi Faber, who is likely another ZOG rat, and since even the stupidest whigger sort of caught on that Hal Turner wasn't legit, the fact that Hal Turner is facing trial in a ZOG-kort even though Turner is a disposable rat, really means nothing except as an object lesson to other traitors, rats and snitches. If ZOG is willing to use you and then claim that you exceeded your permissible lies and provocations and as a rat and then try you for exceeding your bounds, then what of it? Even if the show-trial is not a complete farce who cares whether the Hal Turner rat is destroyed or merely used up and cast aside? Hal Turner has as much chance of getting back into the Bowel Movement as . . . . TraitorGlenn Miller.

    Of course the Hal Turner show trial may well be suspect. It ended up with a hung jewry deadlocked with the majority for acquittal 9-3. So a new show-trial is to be held on March 1, 2010. There is no guarantee that any corrupt verdict ZOG may gain from a stacked jewry will stand, but the whole process of dragging people in a ZOG kort is to wear them away into inability to further fight and to make an example of those who would dare fight. Thus a ZOG kort is never what it pretends to be, namely an instrument of justice against ordinary criminals but rather a means of legitimizing terrorism practiced against the People by connected regime criminals. Thus the result shows both the weakness of ZOG in that it cannot accomplish what it set out to do even with both thumbs upon the scales, yet at the same time that it is too corrupt to take the result with equinamity. There is nothing which makes ZOG an object of derision more than the fact that it can't win outright even in its own criminal regime kangaroo korts, because this is no way to run a railroad.

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  3. #3 is BLOCKED!

    by admin (Posted Mon, 07 Dec 2009 06:51:35 +0000)


    Last night's trolling by Amy Rose/Martin Lindstedt has caused our "noonhost" forum to be blocked due to excessive use of bandwidth. This is likely caused by the NIM-Busters group aiding Pastor Amy's drag show. We've been given a warning that our site will be deleted but given a two week grace period.

    We're attempting to restore all posts to our local server and hopefully have all the necessary databases to do so. We can run into trouble as we have no idea what mods are installed on this site which can cause complications in transferring posts and user names to our installed version of phpBB. Still, our suggestion is that you migrate over to our new forums immediately and register for an account as the future ministry focus will be there. The new vBulletin 4.0.2 is sleek and has an added "content manager." Martin Lindstedt need not apply!

    Under the Blood,


    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Liars in Yahweh's pulpit!

    I got banned at Vissers again..Seems like ol' muddy lindstedt gets his panties in a bunch when I question his racial background..

    Ol' visser & lindstedt & britton get awful cranky when you question their racial & theological backgrounds...wonder what they are hiding???


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    Chinese preacher.

    An obvious example of the mixture of Aryan/asiatic DNA that is quite common among christian identity preachers & followers.



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    Indian preacher...

    Someone in this fellows not to distant past did some Teepee-Creeping...



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    Liars in Yahweh's pulpit

    Lies...lies...all vile lies...

    In the holy name of YHVH they lie...knowing it is "false witness"...they set their face against him..

    Mental defects...Genetic defects...Spiritual defects...Defective preachers begating defective children...broken DNA...

    "look at that one" they spout, all the while to cover their same lewdness...The observer cannot tell them apart for their behavior...

    Hypocrites performing endless mental loops, digging for a bone...any bone...hours & hours & hours of ever-shrinking loops...smaller & smaller...


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    Re: Indian preacher...

    These are the types of threads that got Bryan banned from the old boards.

    Anybody else notice the URL of that image is from

    I got your wood, Billy.

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Someone in this fellows not to distant past did some Teepee-Creeping...


    After taking a look at a picture of jeromy visser, I now understand why he keeps his hat pulled down over his asiatic cheeckbones...

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    Re: Indian preacher...

    they had the best picture. focus on eyes / cheechbones/ hair color.

    One Creator i call Abba YHVH..

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    Re: Possible Betrayal By Visser?

    Well, the below statement was filtered and makes no less sense.

    Much better.

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    *What the ****? What the ****ing ****?* *-- OR --* *Looks Like CPM Has Done Gone $permFront* ...

    Suggested CPM Sermon: Kingdom Parables (August 18th, 2021)

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