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Thread: University For Angels

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    Re: University For Angels (Studio)

    I agree. So, some of us may have angelic DNA. I think my wife qualifies, lol. She has to, to put up with me.

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    Re: University For Angels (Studio)

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchType View Post
    Hybrid vigor on steroids with a half life of a few hundred years explains it for me.
    This doesn't explain why Cain wasn't a giant hybrid however, hmm.

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    Re: University For Angels (Studio)

    I've thought about that, too, and wondered. But maybe he WAS. Sometimes giantism isn't obvious until near adulthood. Cain must have killed Abel when they were teenagers, it sounds like. THEN...

    Gen 4:15 “And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.”

    Maybe the physical mark Cain had was his giantism, and that size is what kept those (preAdamites in the land of Nod) who found him from killing him.

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    Re: University For Angels (Studio)

    It could be Cain's giant nose, hehe.

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    Re: University For Angels (Studio)

    University For Angels – Pastor J. Visser @ Covenant People's Ministry

    University For Angels [2017] explains several purposes for the racial "church" of Christ on earth and proves we have power over angels but their worship is outright forbidden by Yahweh. This Covenant Gathering episode falls under CPM's "Morning Stars" lecture series as it scrutinizes several Apocryphal teachings regarding the heavenly host while explaining some of the many positions within the Body of Christ.

    MP4 | 2017

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