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Thread: volunteery humanity

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    volunteery humanity

    The apostle Paul wrote in the books of Yahweh that fear of nonconformity could be volunteer humanity. If you at that time in history would not miscegenation---- with the Edomites, non Adam-ic peoples in the Area of Palestine that person was listed as nonconformity for example.
    Something of interest to me and it gave me the idea that miscegenation could be what the Apostle Paul wrote about 2000 years ago when he mentioned volunteer humanity.. What is the forums thoughts on this subject??

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    Re: volunteery humanity

    a "human" = "hu"(hue)+"man"(adam)... no longer just man, but a hued man.
    legal definition of "human being" = "monster"
    maybe the code of "legal system in control" (the "occupier" over those in covenant disobedience) has a way of sorting the sheep from the goats?
    as there is only one authority (sovereign), but two administrations of it (Rom 13:1-7 and Rom 13:8-10)... what "evidence" proves one is a "sheep" and not a "goat"? or "wheat" from the "chaff"? governed from without, or governed from within?
    isn't the whole point to love the creation, as creator made it? wouldn't all acts attempting to destroy it be hatred for the creation, and violation of the first covenant given to adam to "name everything, take dominion, and tend the garden, and bring forth increase from it"? how can that be done if the gardener doesn't preserve the diversity of all species as creator created them?
    so doesn't every question really come down to just one?
    is one doing the duties of the "trust" granted by creator? covenant obedience or not? what other question is there?
    ignorance is no excuse under either the kingdoms of men, or kingdom of heaven.
    with the fellowship of way-showers

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