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    Nahum (Part #4)

    Nahum (Part #4) completes our line-by-line analysis of the minor prophet's warnings against the Ninevites by comparing the similarities of the queen of Nineveh to the whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation. Can women preach or run for president? This fourth and final sermon on the book of Nahum examines Populous No (Ammon) and explains how witches and locusts usually represent demons in the Bible.


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    Parable of Two Sons

    Parable of Two Sons is a special Father's Day sermon exploring one of Yahshua's lesser-known parables relating to different sons called to work the "vineyard" (meaning Yahweh's people). This allegory is found only in the Gospel of Matthew 21:28-32 and explains that tax collectors and harlots will enter the Kingdom before the Pharisees thus we examine the apostle Matthew and the once-haunted Mary Magdalene.


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    Parable of the Wedding

    Parable of the Wedding features Luke's additions to Yahshua's "Parable of the Great Banquet" thus is found only in the Gospel of Luke 14:7-14 becoming a separate teaching regarding Christian humility. Many disciples argued among themselves over who was the noblest in Yahweh's Kingdom causing Christ to remind them "whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted."


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    The Unjust Steward

    The Unjust Steward is a parable of Christ contrasting "unrighteous mammon" with true riches from Yahweh. Why was the shifty and unjust steward considered wise and commended by his lord when he cut our people's debts in half? God teaches in His Word that we are to be faithful in the world's rewards in order to receive genuine gifts from Yahweh therefore this brief sermon provides numerous reasons why.


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    Yahweh's Truth #345

    Yahweh's Truth: Wick & Viss [#345] allows Dr. Wickstrom and Pastor Visser to provide an unfiltered update regarding Sweden from a brother in the streets organizing resistance to his Swedish government. Both preachers verify our people are awakening! Also discussed is the possible false flag that is the Orlando, FL "massacre" and why corrupt politicians are now calling for gun control as opposed to immigration control.


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    The Unjust Judge

    The Unjust Judge tackles one of the harder parables of Yahshua pertaining to prayer and faith during His second advent. This sermon uses Sirach 35:12-15 and 2nd Chronicles 19:4-7 to establish Yahweh's Law for judges before dismembering the unjust arbitrator's soliloquy of selfishness. This 98th sermon in our series on the Gospel of Luke proves the importance of having constant prayer during the wicked end times.


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    A Good Minister

    A Good Minister proves that legitimate teachers will be resisted regarding the validity of the codified Word or reality of Christ being "God our Savior." Can Israelites exercise themselves unto both sin and godliness? Does practice make a habit? This sermon verifies that the apostle Paul accepted Christ as YHVH from Ist Timothy 3:14-4:12 and further confirms many people will not receive this "mystery of godliness."


    (mp3 / 8.42 mb)

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    Lion of the Tribe of Judah

    Lion of the Tribe of Judah begins by establishing Jacob/Israel's forth son Judah was considered a "lion's whelp" before looking at the Biblical examples of Samson, David, Hiram, Ezekiel and Daniel in the lion's den. Meant to be a relatively complete overview of LIONS in the canonized Bible this sermon proves Yahshua the Christ is both the Lion and Lamb thus both can lie down peaceably together (Isaiah 11:6).


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    Stephen: First Martyr

    Stephen: First Martyr examines what the short-lived apostle preached that angered the people so much they stoned him. This rainy Sunday sermon proves that truth is often a bitter pill to swallow for godless Israelites that can only see the flesh directly from Acts 7:42-60. In the first Christian martyr Stephen's discourse the faithful can learn a racial history of the Israelites beginning with Abraham's first calling.


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    Return of Christ

    Return of Christ closely surveys the ten forms of Yahshua's second coming ranging from lightning (Matthew 24:27) to a thief (Rev 16:16). This sermon provides an alternate viewpoint of the Day of the LORD showcasing the signs proving the Messiah has returned as opposed to before His coming. A fairly complete lecture on "The Return of Christ" which could easily complete the "Lessons From Luke" series.


    (mp3 / 10.5 mb)

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