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Thread: Covenant People's Audio ( Official Releases )

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    Covenant People's Audio ( Official Releases )

    by Pastor Visser (Posted Thu, 21 Jan 2010 01:35:25 +0000)

    A recent comment at talkshoe:

    winky2me wrote:This teaching totally rocked my spirit!!! - Reviewer: winky2me 01/16/10 06:34 PM EST

    Full Comment: This is my first listening opportunity for Pastor Visser! I listened twice back to back...there are patterns Yahweh has expected...and by these infidels masquerading as pastors...nothing more than 'PULL PIT PROSTITUTES!!!' I've gone to them and they practically hiss and spit in my face! They hang up the telephone...shut the door in your face...and REBUKE me...for being legalistic...when I am trying to get them to follow the patterns for a heart was right! I want to live by every Word.......... They don't...and so they are to me a stumbling block...wash my feet...and leave. I arrived with CLEAN hands...they were so threatened because this believer came into their congregation/assembly to establish Yahweh's Israel with their help! They did NOT want any part of that whatsoever! Who did I think I was anyway...and what were my qualifications? As if the REAL prophets...I read 1Cor14 today...check it out bore witness!!! I if the real prophets because they say so!!! So shut up! Mmmm...wonder what they will say to Yahweh?...on that great and fearsome day...! Their divided heart will BLOW UP from fear! Because they did NOT choose the 'fear of Yahweh to KEEP...' And the latter state of that man will be worse than the first!!! Yep...loving the Word...MORE than your own opinion...can get you thrown in the furnace...put in a pot of boiling oil...head chopped to the know what I'm saying. But...I tell you...MY YAHWEH is worth more...than any sacrifice we could is THE WILLINGNESS of the do it ALL FOR HIM...AND BE EVER GRATEFUL!!! PRAISE YAHWEH!!! P.S. I sent this teaching to bunches of them!!! Uh oh...NO FEAR here!!!

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    Covenant People's Audio - Official MP3 & WMA Releases

    Quote Originally Posted by David (via e-mail)
    Pastor Visser,

    Are you still making radio shows? Your shows at

    stopped on 12/16/2009...

    - David

    We’re still doing audio sermons here at CPM. In fact, we’ve been airing late-night radio slots on 91.1 FM (WREKage) in Atlanta, Georgia since last summer. These family-friendly shorts dealing with milquetoast CI subjects have been held back to be re-assembled and later released as longer mp3s at the site. Many of these shows have been compiled from previously released material while much of it is brand new.

    It’s because of our continually growing flock and many added members we’ve recently scrubbed our old forums of several posters and threads that offend. We’ve also been doing variety shows, sermons and nature documentaries, all of which are in post-production. The audio from these will also be released as single mp3/wma files, as well. All I can say is stay tuned! We’re not cranking them out like we did this time last year (when we were doing the Gospel of John) but I’m sure you’ll find –- like fine wine -- the quality of our content has improved.

    All things work together for good. Renewing our .org address and re-uploading/upgrading the site has taken longer than expected and the unneeded disruptions at the forums sure haven’t helped. Still, the Protevangelion Series is in the editing box and should be released shortly. Our current series is on Bible acrostics, followed by various topical sermons.

    Stay updated @

    Thanks for listening!
    Pastor Visser @
    Covenant People's Ministry & Forums
    Box 256, Brooks, GA 30205

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    A House Divided

    A House Divided examines the necessity of sincerity in serving Yahsua by examining a slanderous charge made against the Messiah in the Gospel of Luke 11:14-28. By observing the tactics God's enemies used against Him we're able to better see that those who scatter are not for the ultimate "gatherer of our people" Jesus Christ. Pastor Visser also brings the listener up to date on projects at CPM.

    (mp3 / 10.3 mb)

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    Re: A House Divided

    The pharisees claimed to be able to cast out demons and they still claim this power today; television evangelists, those who make merchandise out of YHVH'S people claim to have this ability. Yahshua condemned these pharisees because they credited to Beezlebub those things which only His Spirit can accomplish! This evil is prevelant in our present day society and YHVH God has judged them for their grave error and will soon condemn them unless they sincerely repent of their evil!
    This was an insightful and Spirit filled audio by Pastor Visser! I enjoyed listening to this sermon very much! Thank you!

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    A Living Stone

    A Living Stone covers the second chapter of Peter's first epistle to establish that genuine Christians "desire the sincere milk" of Yahweh's Word over meaningless gossip. This sermon explains that Christ is our perfect example and as a Living Stone can also be a "rock of offense" to false prophets. Only by probing the works of our Messiah we can more accurately test the fruits of our brethren.

    (mp3 / 12.9 mb)

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    An Evil Generation

    An Evil Generation explains why Christ continually rebuked the Pharisees for their insincerity and promotion of a false religion centering around their traditions. Learn the difference between the letter and the Spirit of Yahweh's undying Law! This study continues to explore the necessity of being sincere when serving our Master by examining the mistakes of the "sign-seekers" from Luke's Gospel 11:29-44.

    (mp3 / 10.1 mb)

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    The Protevangelion (Part #4)

    The Protevangelion (Part #4) finds Mary betrothed to Joseph at fourteen years of age through a requested "ensign" by Yahweh. Understand the importance of the virgin Mary's sincere service to God through full obedience to His Word. This segment also deals with the archangel Gabriel's annunciations to both Mary and Elizabeth concerning their coming children John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

    (mp3 / 9.15 mb)

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    The Protevangelion (Part #5)

    The Protevangelion (Part #5) explains Satan’s seduction of Eve by investigating Joseph’s sentiments after returning home to discover the virgin Mary six months pregnant. This segment also unlocks many mysteries concerning the original sin, Cain’s bastard progeny and the state of judaism during Mary’s fourteenth year. Easily, the most "dual seedline" Christian Identity program in this entire series.

    (mp3 / 9.15 mb)

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    "The Protevangelion" on Voice of Christian Israel

    by Pastor Visser (Posted Fri, 12 Mar 2010 04:42:45 +0000)

    Listen as Pastors James and Visser discuss The Protevangelion on this Sunday’s “Voice of Christian Israel” (12 Noon Eastern).

    See you there!

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    Identity Christian Online Audio!

    by Prakazrel (Posted Mon, 15 Mar 2010 19:34:23 +0000)

    The Protevangelion (Overview) provides the listener with valuable dual-seedline truths concerning the seduction of Eve and Yahweh's curse in Genesis 3:15. This Voice Of Christian Israel broadcast features Pastors Eli James and Visser discussing the numerous parallels between "canonized" scripture and the Gnostic books which explain the birth of Christ and murder of Zechariah in greater detail.

    (mp3 / 37.9 mb)

    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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